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How to troubleshoot RFC Gateway security settings (reg_info and sec_info)?

Firstly review what is the security level enabled in the instance as per the configuration of parameter gw/reg_no_conn_info. This parameter will enable special settings that should be controlled in the configuration of reginfo file. Further information about this parameter is also available in the following link:

RFC Gateway security settings - extra information regarding SAP note 1444282

The SAP documentation in the following link explain how to create the file rules:

RFC Gateway Security Files secinfo and reginfo


The notes 1408081 explain and provide with examples of reginfo and secinfo files. In order to figure out the reason that the RFC Gateway is not allowing the registered program, following some basics steps that should be managed during the creation of the rules:

1) The rules in the files are read by the RFC Gateway from the TOP to the BOTTOM hence it is important to check the previous rules in order to check if the specific problem does not fit some previously rule. See the examples in the note 1592493;

2) It is possible to change the rules in the files and reload its configuration without restart the RFC Gateway: open the transaction SMGW -> Goto -> expert functions -> external security -> reload However, in such situation, it is mandatory to de-register the registered program involved and reregister it again because programs already registered will continue following the old rules;

3) The rules in the secinfo and reginfo file do not always use the same syntax, it depends of the VERSION defined in the file. Check the above mentioned SAP documentation about the particular of each version;

4) It is possible to enable the RFC Gateway logging in order to reproduce the issue. The parameter is gw/logging, see note 910919. This parameter will allow you to reproduce the RFC Gateway access and see the TP and HOST that the access is using hence create the rules in the reginfo or secinfo file;

5) The rules defined in the reginfo or secinfo file can be reviewed in colored syntactic correctness. open transaction SMGW -> Goto -> expert functions -> Display secinfo/reginfo Green means OK, yellow warning, red incorrect. See note 1503858;



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