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The purpose is to explain how Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) works for attachments and how to check the settings.

MIME Types are assigned at document creation/upload time and cannot be changed, it is part of the document properties.


If a document is uploaded and the proper MIME Type has not been previously entered in the below mentioned Tables, the document will inherit the wrong MIME Type at creation time and will not be able to be opened. Any document uploaded that for some reason, either the MIME type is not specified in the Tables below or cannot be determined, it will end up with a MIME Type "application/octet-stream"

MIME Tables & Settings

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For any document uploaded to CRM or Solution Manager, the proper MIME Types should be entered in Tables SDOKMIME, SDOKFEXT and TOADD (Archive Links)

Tables SDOKMIME and SDOKFEXT, these are the SAP Tables.


Missing or wrong MIME Type, you need to update Tables SDOKMIME_C and SDOKFEXT_C.

To update Table SDOKMIME_C, use Transaction SKPR12 To update Table SDOKFEXT_C, use Transaction SKPR13

To update Table TOADD, see below:

SPRO->SAP Reference IMG->SAP Net weaver->Application Server-> Basic Services->Archive Links->Basic Customizing-> Edit Document Classes

Alternatively, use Transaction: OAD2 - Archive Link Document Classes (Change) TOADD 1237688 - New Mime Types for Microsoft Office 2007 in KPro and ARL

Related SAP Notes/KBAs

SAP Note 1237688: New Mime Types for Microsoft Office 2007 in KPro and ARL

Use this structure to help you compose your contributions for WIKI and at the same time will ensure spelling and grammar.

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