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x_cons <database_name> help

This command returns an overview of available x_cons commands.

(lightbulb) For SAP MaxDB Development only: In the dev environment (dev tree)  you can get additional information via x_cons -e -?

usage: x_cons <database_name> [-e] <command> [<interval> [<repeat>]]

    Server DB                        ::  <database_name>

     enable extend view              ::  -e

      database uptime                ::  UPTIME
      time measurement               ::  TIME   <ENABLE | DISABLE>
      cancel the command of task     ::  CANCEL <taskindex>
      release cached system pages    ::  PAGECACHE_RELEASE
      diagnose system page cache     ::  DIAGNOSE_PAGECACHE
      kill the session of task       ::  KILL <taskindex>  
      set UKT affinity               ::  AFFINITY <uktindex>
      set processor affinity mask    ::  PROCMASK <procmask> [ <task type name> ]
      flush trace file               ::  TRACE_FLUSH       
      show statistics/states         ::  SHOW IO           
                                     ::  SHOW IOPENDING    
                                     ::  SHOW AIO    (backup only)
                                     ::  SHOW CPORT        
                                     ::  SHOW DEV_IO (I/O threads only)
                                     ::  SHOW STORAGE      
                                     ::  SHOW TASKS        
                                     ::  SHOW ACTIVE    [ <task_type_name> ]
                                     ::  SHOW RUNNABLE  [ <task_type_name> ]
      show move info (load balancing)::  SHOW MOVEINFO     
      show task counts               ::  SHOW T_CNT     [ <task_type_name> ]
      show task queues               ::  SHOW T_QUEUE [<task_index>]
      show tasks move info           ::  SHOW T_MOVE       
      show kernel and runtime version::  SHOW VERSIONS     
      show region statistic          ::  SHOW REGIONS      
      show database state            ::  SHOW STATE        
      show runtime threads           ::  SHOW RTE          
      show runtime queues            ::  SHOW QUEUES       
      show suspend reasons           ::  SHOW SUSPENDS     
      show open connections          ::  SHOW CONNECTIONS  
      UKT sleep statistic            ::  SHOW SLEEP        
      Thread time usage              ::  SHOW THRD_TIMES   
      Synchronization primitives     ::  SHOW SYNC         
      Descriptors (e.g., network)    ::  SHOW DESC         
      show log redo/undo statistics  ::  SHOW LOG_REDO_UNDO_INFO
                                         SHOW ALL          

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