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  1. Browse to the Software Download Center
  2. Under Support Packages & Packages, click Access Downloads 

  3. In the search box, search on SAP Host Agent then click on category SAP Host Agent 7.21 

  4. Select the operating system of your BI nodes and Tomcat (Web Application Server) nodes from the drop down box.  

  5. Download the newest patch level version of SAP HOST AGENT 7.21 

  6. Next, in the search box, type the term SAPCAR and click the search button

  7. Click on the category SAPCAR 7.21

  8. From the drop down box, select the operating system of the host where you are installing the SAP Host Agent

  9. Download the newest patch level of SAPCAR 7.21 

  10. Copy the SAP Host Agent and SAPCAR media to a temp folder on your BI nodes and Tomcat (Web Application Server) nodes
  11. On your BI / Web Application Server node, open a command prompt (use Run as administrator option) then browse to the temp directory where you copied the SAP Host Agent and SAPCAR using a command prompt

  12. Extract the contents of SAPHOSTAGENT*.SAR using command:


  13. Install the SAP Host Agent using the command:

    saphostexec.exe -install

    When prompted, set a strong password (upper/lower case letters and numbers) for the 
    sapadm account

  14. Confirm in your Control Panel --> Services that the host agent is installed and repeat for each BI node and Web Application Server node (NOTE: if BI and Tomcat are on the same host then you only need one Host Agent installed and running for that host)


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  1. What version of SAP Diagnostic Agent should we use?  I plan on eventually getting Wily Introscope configured so I want to install the full Diagnostics Agent.  We have been using version 7.3 but I see there are several newer versions available.  Should we just go with the most recent release?

    1. Hi John,

      Diagnostics Agent 7.49 with latest SAP Host Agent 7.2.  Refer to 2. Downloading the required software and 4. Installing the Diagnostic Agent