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Freight Order Management

Freight Orders are created as the result of planning, especially in land transportation, and the freight bookings are used in air or sea transportation. In a subcontracting process the freight order is the  transportation document which is sent to the carrier once he is assigned via  carrier selection or tendering.

Creation of Freight Orders

It can happen either manually or automatically

Manual Creation

You can use the manual creation if you commonly create similar orders and/or use these orders for a carrier. The data should be filled manually on the UI itself. For a manual creation you can also copy an existing order, in this case you can also change the required data on the newly copied order.

For more information, please cosider the following SAP Help documentation:

Automatic Creation

There are several ways you can use if you decide to use automatic creation of freight orders:

As a result of transportation planning:
- Manual planning in the transportation cockpit
- Automatic planning using VSR optimization
-  Transportation Proposal

As an ERP shipment integration part of an integration scenario:

You can create the orders based on a shipment document coming from SAP ERP side.

You can create freight documents out of schedule departures via report /SCMTMS/MP_SCHED_CREATE_TOR.

From a Forwarding Order, OTR, DTR document
If the requirements are fulfilled you can automatically create freight order upon saving.

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