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Below is a collection of troubleshooting tips when working with SAP NetWeaver as your platform. Content is adapted from the SAP Note 1894594 'Design Studio - Support Note for SAP NetWeaver Add-On'


If you are experiencing issues with SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio running on SAP NetWeaver, follow the suggested steps below.


In case you are facing Javascript errors caused by a Portal Theme Designer component overlapping with Design Studio's own UI5 resources.

The symptom is most often an empty screen during startup

The solution is to update the UI5 addon which contains the Theme Designer Portal component:

Please apply note: 2315029

IMPORTANT: you have to manually delete all browser caches (with the old Javascript) or better update your Design Studio addon to a newer version which has the same effect.

To verify that Design Studio's own UI5 is used in your Design Studio scenario fire this URL in the browser:


In a coment you will find the version:

* @version 1.38.19

This version must match the version that is in side the Design Studio SCA. The file can be found with the help of a ZIP tool:



Basic checks:

  • Check whether you have installed the latest Design Studio Release according to the SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio Release Schedule note 1760372
  • Reference the SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio Administrator Guide for SAP Netweaver.
  • In case you want to run your Portal on a mobile device please read the documentation of the Portal on Device.
  • In case of the following error:
    "Portal runtime error An exception occurred while processing your request. Send the exception ID to your portal administrator", follow these steps on how to find an exception in a log:
  1. Copy the Exception ID above into clipboard: 10:48_16/06/15_0001_9985550
  2. Start NWA 
  3. Choose Log Viewer
  4. Choose System Logs and Traces
  5. Paste the exception ID into the filter row of the Message column and select return and go for a coffee
  6. Expand the first hit and click on Show Full Message
  7. Look at the Java callstack and search the web for the message inside.

If this does not help attach the callstack as TEXT including the screenshots from the error message to an OSS message.

Known Issues:


Scrollbar problems with IE 11See SAP Note 2129107
Deployment or startup issuesRe-deploy your SCA
Updating Design Studio on SAP NetWeaver via JSPMSee SAP Note 1897054
The preview of Design Studio iViews from Portal Content Management is not working correctly in Internet Explorer Please use the "Preview on Portal" functionality from the Designer instead, to preview your applications.
To avoid the popups being automatically opened during shutdown of an applicationSee SAP Note 1892192
Errors when saving analysis applicationsSee SAP Note 1898736
Using $USER in your authorization profileSee SAP Note 1929782
You want to use SDK extensions.
If you are not using SDK extensions, you can ignore the warning dialog shown in the Designer after startup: "Design Studio extensions are generally supported, but the support has not been installed on the server yet."
See SAP Note 1945541
 How to use a tool to download an SDK extension from NetWeaverSee SAP Note 2120824
 BIAL Script validation errorsSee SAP Note 2079054
 Missing objects in the Dataflow After and Before listSee SAP Note 1962491
 Problems embedding Design Studio applications or iView into Portal content or pagesSee SAP Note 2077647
 Empty page after starting an application.Switch on Javascript Errors or in Chrome open the developer console to see Javascript errors. If javascript errors occur, then redeploy your Portal addon. It can happen that not every of our 4 SDAs is replaced correctly and thus old javascript files are loaded:
 500 Connection timed out response running with ICM as web server See SAP Note 824554
 In case of problems on mobile devices (IOS or Android) See SAP Note 2156252
How to analyze authorization problems opening Analysis Applications with Design StudioFollow these steps
Troubleshooting SDK extensions in Design Studio Netweaver environmentFollow these steps

Java Class cast exceptions or this kind of java error

Caused by: java.lang.AbstractMethodError: Class "" does not implement the requested method

They can be caused by a deployment error. Sometimes old JAR files from previous deployments are not removed completely. In this case it can happen that the Java server loads one old JAR and the rest from the new installation. If this does not fit, then these kind of errors can occur.


Go to this folder and list all JAR files:


Sort then by the creation time and check for invalid old JAR files like this one in a 1.6 SP 4 installation:


In this case there is 1.6 SP 2 patch 2 JAR file which can be loaded instead of the 1.6 SP 4 patch 1 version below - this depends on the Java loader.


  1. verify all Poral Java nodes, each of them might have such an issue
  2. stop all nodes with such a problem
  3. move the too old file to a temp folder
  4. Restart the Portal node
  5. If Design Studio addon still does not run, redeploy your Design Studio addon.

Format settings

Formatting date/time/number formats based on user preferences is not supported as a feature in Design Studio. Currently it's only possible to have the formatting based on the user language or on the format mask which is applied to all users. It is not possible to read the configuration from the user settings as in BEx.

For BIP addon the following note allows to configure formats for all users:

User specific formattings are planned for future releases of Design Studio. However, please be advised that this new feature will not be available for the Netweaver deployment as this deployment type is no longer supported from release 2.0 onward.only BIP platform will be supported.

In NW Portal you can specify the parameters listed in note 2377125 as SAP JVM parameters (JVM config tool) with the prefix "-DAAD_", e.g.:

IMPORTANT: Try all DAAD_* settings at first with the Designer by adding the setting to the SapDesignStudio.ini file. Be aware that your Designer does dump in case you specify an invalid format. Date formats are documented here. Use the upper case version of the string. Not all formats are supported by the backend.

How to Analyze Design Studio BI Platform Web Tier on NetWeaver Web Server

First of all, if you encounter errors on your screen, you can search for the log ID and follow the steps described here.

Web Tier content must be from the same Design Studio build as its' APS installation.

Your WDeploy predeploy command of the BI Platform web tier generates a .sca file. This .sca file contains your web tier content.
For example:

To verify that your web tier content (.sca file) is from the same Design Studio build as its' APS installation, follow these steps:
1. Check the content of the file. 
        This file contains the timestamp of the Design Studio build. (This timestamp is used in the version URL parameter in many Design Studio URLs)
2. To open the file, simply open it in a text editor, or rename it to *.zip
    (Note: .sca, .ear, .war, .jar files are all zip files that can be opened with any unzipper by renaming them to *.zip) 
3. In case the is incorrect, you can compare it to your BI platform installed where you ran the predeploy command.
    The in the generated .sca is taken from here:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprose XI 4.0\warfiles\webapps
  Note: If this one is too old, the Design Studio update on this machine was unsuccessful.

4. Check the file on the APS is identical.
    Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4. \java\pjs\services\AnalysisApplicationDesignService\



The SCA must be from the same Design Studio build as its' APS installation
Support ticket:
If you still have issues with Design Studio and consider opening a support ticket, please attach the following information:
  • Detailed steps to reproduce the problem.
  • A copy / screenshot of the full error page, if available, or of the expanded details section of the Design Studio error message

How-to do a full  WebContainer tracing all requests / responses on NW

You can enable the WebContainer tracing by setting severity debug for locations

 These trace location swill provide us information where the 500 error code is set and also will trace the http headers traffic to track down the exact problematic request server side.

 Once the tracing is enabled reproduce again the problem and collect

1. Client side traces- Fiddler or HTTPWatch
2. Server side traces -all defaultTraces modified at the time the problem is reproduced – from all (!) server nodes.

How-to Design Studio Debug Trace

Start the Log Configuration in the NWA.


The developer trace filtered by location "" will reveal the traces of the Design Studio runtime:

 Once the tracing is enabled reproduce again the problem and collect

 Server side traces -all defaultTraces modified at the time the problem is reproduced – from all (!) server nodes.



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