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DateIssueWorkaroundStatusReference ID
Oct 27, 2020BW Checks chapter in the EWA is not showing data in the "Source System Overview" section for BW/4HANA 2.0.

This may cause a Red Rating in the "BW Warehouse Management" check and an overall red rating in the BW Checks chapter.

There is also an error in SDCCN log referring to missing function module: RSAR_ROIDOCPRMS_GET_ALL.

Development is working on a fix. 

The function module (RSAR_ROIDOCPRMS_GET_ALL) that collected the information shown in the "Source System Overview" check has been removed with BW/4HANA 2.0 which is why the information is missing in the EWA.

Oct 14, 2020

EWAs cannot be processed due to dump in Solution Manager systems with ST-SER 720 SP19 and no connection to SAP Support Backbone:

Syntax error in RDSVASANW_GATEWAY__________004
INCLUDE report "/1CAGTF/IF_LOGFUNC_000724" not found

As a workaround, the current service definitions could be exported from a system which is connected to SAP Support Backbone and does have the latest service definitions. Importing this transport to the affected Solution Manager would fix the dump.

2980306 - Cannot Generate EarlyWatch Alert due to Syntax Error in RDSVASANW_GATEWAY__________004

The service definitions file has been updated in the service marketplace: 

To find the file, go to:

  • Installations & Upgrades ->
    By Category ->
    SAP Technology Components -> 
    Installation ->

Note: If your Solution Manager has connection to the SAP Support Backbone, then follow resolution steps in this KBA: 

2285891 - How to resolve Short Dumps for SYNTAX_ERROR in the /1AGS* namespace of Solution Manager

August 20, 2020Incorrect OS version in the EWA.

After updating OS to Windows Server 2019, the OS release in the EWA is still showing "Windows Server 2016" .

There is an issue with wrong PPMS data.

SAP Host Agent 7.21 SP49 was released to resolve this issue. SP49 is now available to download and install. 
August 14, 2020Dump "Syntax error in program "/1AGS/CSYSTEM_OPERATING_SEC005" during runtime of the SM:EXEC SERVICES jobN/ASolution: apply 2732608 - How to replace the Service Content (AGS_UPDATE) Remark: Please untick "Do not delete downloads"KI202008092
August 14, 2020EWA report no longer send by Email after upgrade to Solution Manager 7.2 SP11Enter an Email address for user SM_SM2B using transaction SU01A fix is available via SAP Note 2943204 - Corrections on user SM_SM2BKI202008241
August 9, 2020Service Preparation Check (RTCCTOOL) is rated Red with the message - The check could not be performed.

N/AIssue currently being investigated by development.KI202008335
July 30, 2020Service Preparation Check RTCCTOOL shows a yellow alert "207223 EWAlert setup". The issue can be reproduced calling program RTCCTOOL in the managed system. This applies to EWA being processed using a FRUN system.N/AA fix will be delivered in the RTCCTOOL add-on component of ST-A/PI. The component support package containing this fix is ST-A/PI 01U* SP01.KI202006779
June 19, 2020There is a false alert in section 3 after updating to the latest ST-A/PI:
"Data regarding the performance or configuration of SAP Gateway could not be found in the SDCC download. ST-A/PI function: DCA_NW_GATEWAY in project DCA"

Resolved via Service Content Update (SCU) process.
June 18, 2020
  • Non-HANA systems sending EWAs to SAP via RFC are completely blocked.
  • Missing data in EWA Workspace for specific systems since May 29th.
  • No longer receiving email alerts for some service reports generated at SAP.

This is related to the SAP Support Backbone Update. RFC connections to SAP was no longer supported as of Jan 8, 2020.

Since Jan 8, 2020, a grace period was provided using the temporary workaround (RFC to SAP + Technical Communication user) to send EWAs to SAP. The grace period has ended for non-HANA systems.

Refer to SAP KBA 2923799 - Final Shutdown of RFC Connections From Customer Systems to SAP


  • As of Friday May 29th, 2020 EarlyWatch Alert data for all customer systems not using HANA database will be blocked when sent to SAP through RFC.
  • As of Friday July 31st, 2020 all EarlyWatch Alert data sent to SAP through RFC will be blocked.

To resolve this, you must switch to HTTPS based communication.

June 10, 2020SM:EXEC SERVICES aborts with dump:

Category ABAP Programming Error
Runtime Errors CONVT_NO_NUMBER
ABAP Program /1AGS/AEA_FI_______________018
Application Component Not assigned
Date and Time 05.06.2020 09:44:03

"46C" cannot be interpreted as a number


Reset SCU to 11.05.2020. Refer to KBA 1814723 for more instructions.Issue was closed, dump could not be reproduced. KI202005660
May 19, 2020Java EWA is showing a grey rating with Service Data Quality alert:

"Installed SAP product version could not be determined for the managed system. Check the SAP product version in the landscape management database (LMDB) of your SAP Solution Manager, or use SAP Note 2376972 for further analysis."
Reset SCU to an older SCU, like 16.04.2020, to process the EWA sessions.

Refer to KBA 1814723.

Resolved via Service Content Update (SCU) process.KI202005066
March, 2020The collection of parameter data (ST-A/PI) is unavailable for your session. Run the relevant script attached to SAP Note 1171650 for the DB recommendations.N/ADevelopment is working on a fix.KI202003672
March 27, 2020

SM:EXEC SERVICES aborts with dump:

ABAP Program /1AGS/AEA_HEAD_____________005

Function module "/BDL/RFC_HTTP_TEST" was called with parameter "NO_MESSAGE".

This parameter is not defined there however.


Correction was released via SCU on April 21, 2020.

Refer also to SAP Note 2909623.
March 16, 2020Message "Monitoring data from your SAP HANA database could not be read because the related download function module of your ST-PI software component is not up to date. ST-PI Function HDB_COLL_MULTI_DOWN" in section "Quality of Data in Service Data Control Center". The issue occurs for SystemDB and only if using HANA 2.0 >=SPS04If you want to get rid of these alerts you can switch the processing of the SystemDB off by putting in the description field in DBACockpit of a HANA Database -> NON_EWA_.

(HANA Checks in EWA Wiki:
Resolved via Service Content Update (SCU) process.
March 12, 2020Red rating for sub-chapter Critical Number Ranges in EWA report.N/AResolved via Service Content Update (SCU) process.

Refer to KBA 2902989 - EWA - Red rating for sub-chapter Critical Number Ranges.
Mar 11, 2020A new section "SAP HANA: SQLDBC Version" is appearing in the "Software Configuration chapter" of the EWA, even though there is no HANA DB system associated to the managed system. N/AResolved via Service Content Update (SCU) process.KI202003538

Feb 5, 2020

EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) has the message 'You are using an Oracle release that is not supported by the used ST-SER release' for Oracle 19.N/AResolved via Service Content Update (SCU) process.KI202002872
Jan 31, 2020EWA processing of data sent through SAPOSS / SDCC_OSS with technical communication user is not working.N/AIssue is fixed on SAP side. Reactivate failed "sent to SAP" in SDCCN.
Jan 23, 2020EWA show recommendations regarding Online Collectors - SAP Note 2827332 "Content is only available if you allow online collectors". You already activated the Online Collectors like described in the EWA but the warning remains. This behavior is affecting systems below SAP_BASIS 740N/ACorrection was released via SCU on February 17, 2020.KI202001611
Jan 13, 2020EWA has the message:  As immediate work around enter a Technical Communication User in the RFC destination to SAP Support Backbone. N/A

Using a Technical Communication User in the RFC to SAP was a temporary workaround solution.

Refer to this KBA for next steps:
2923799 - Final Shutdown of RFC Connections From Customer Systems to SAP

December 02, 2019

SM:EXEC SERVICES aborts with dump:

Category ABAP Programming Error
ABAP Program /1AGS/AEA_HEAD_____________005

Access using a ''NULL' object reference is not possible.

N/AResolved via Service Content Update (SCU) process.KI201912018
November 15, 2019Solution Manager EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) shows the system is not ready for 2020.
"System SID is not prepared for SAP Support Backbone update. Enable Solution Manager 7.2 SID to connect with HTTPS to SAP."

In the corresponding table, column 'Destination' contains 'HTTPS→SAP' and column 'User' contains 'S-user' or 'Certificate'.

The Ready for 2020 column is rated Yellow instead of Green.


Correction was released via SCU on December 9, 2019.

Oct 31, 2019EarlyWatch Alert report file has increased in size and therefore is not possible to send via email. The root cause is due to an increase in the chapter 'Origin of SQL Statement (ABAP)'N/AResolved via Service Content Update (SCU) process.KI201910718
September 25, 2019EarlyWatch Alert section  Database - Maintenance Phases is blank. The relevant Oracle database version is 12g Release 2 ( via Service Content Update (SCU) process.KI201925609
September 4, 2019In EWA chapter Database Performance, the EWA reports "Oracle Release not Supported by ST-SER Release" for Oracle Database 18.N/A

Fix available in ST-SER 720 SP17.

Feb 5, 2019SDCCN job /BDL/TASK_PROCESSOR shows the message:  Error: RFC SDCC_OSS can no longer be used, You must use new RFCs for connecting SAP backend'. 'Error: Please Run transaction SDCCN to migrate RFC SDCC_OSS to new RFCs.
Transaction SDCCN shows the error message: 'The infrastructure of the SAP Support Backbone is updated and moved. Therefore, you need to use a new destination to connect to SAP. To migrate the SDCC_OSS RFC to the new destination, choose Yes....'. If you choose 'No' or as long as the new destination is not functional, you cannot use transaction SDCCN 
As a workaround, use 2739614 - Transaction SDCCN is blocked due to HTTP destination for the new communication channel not created

To solve the issue, use the recommend option by applying the latest SP of component ST-PI.

Refer to SAP Note 2748869 - ST-PI 2008_1_7xx SP20, ST-PI 740 SP10: Corrections for SDCCN regarding SAP Backbone connectivity 

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