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This page is maintained by SAP Product Support.

All active or ongoing Known Issues with the EWA are maintained here. 

All resolved or archived Known Issues with the EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) report have been moved to this page for record keeping purposes. 

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IssueWorkaroundStatusReference ID

EWA Chapter "Important Periodic Jobs" jobs are listed as unscheduled (e.g.) ...


... but jobs are running with recommended period

n/aSolution delivered via latest Service Content Update (SCU).

EWA Chapter "Recommended Background Jobs are not set up in EWM" jobs are listed as unscheduled (e.g.) ...


... but jobs are running with recommended period

n/aCorrections are getting distributed via RTCCTOOL "Online Collectors"

EWA Chapter Service Data Quality shows:

"The performance overview section contains erroneous data due to an overflow caused by a kernel bug.ST-PI function: SAPWL_WORKLOAD_GET_SUMMARY_I_W used in check 'Workload Summary of SID'"
But the Kernel of the managed system is already higher as per SAP Note 2241334   

n/aAs fix per SCU has been delivered on August 23, 2022
Please apply the latest Service Content Update and check the next EarlyWatch Alert of that effected system.

  • EWA data download collection session on managed system dump with GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED in /SDF/SAPLEWA and/or
  • in the SDCCN Task log of the data download you can see this message: SDCCN_CUSTOMIZING : Field symbol has not been assigned yet. 
The Dump will not affect the data collection of the EWA download data.

Solution is to apply SAP Note 3226702

EWA session dumps with BCD_BADDATA in  /1AGS/AEW_DBORA____________066

n/aSolution delivered via latest Service Content Update (SCU).
EWA session not processed due to runtime error BCD_ZERODIVIDE - Exception: CX_SY_ZERODIVIDE in program /1AGS/AEA_FI_______________018n/aSolution delivered via latest Service Content Update (SCU).
EWA session not processed due to SYNTAX_ERROR in program /1AGS/AUI_TECHNOLOGIES_____0033167683 - SYNTAX_ERROR in program /1AGS/AUI_TECHNOLOGIES_____003Follow the provided KBA as per "workaround" section
HANA Standalone EWA is rated red due to missing information regarding Log Backupsn/a

fix will be shipped in 2 stages

  • Development is working on a fix which will be delivered via SCU
  • implement the latest dbmetric file from SAP Note 2422465 to the SAP Host Agent[s] of all effected host of the Hana DB

The EWA of a Managed System shows the following section and statements: No Download Data for Number Ranges, Critical Number RangesSee KBA 3136491

Development is working on a fix. Refer to KBA 3136491.

EWM checks appear in the EWA for a system without EWM functionalities being usedn/aFixed. Corrections delivered via Service Content Update (SCU).KI202109009
In section 3 of the EWA report, the check: "Configuring <SID> for SAP Note Assistant" shows a yellow rating ((warning)) although text in that section only provides a blue informational alert ((info)).n/aDevelopment is working on a fix.KI202109141
Critical Issue:  After upgrade to Solution Manager 7.2 SP13, the Service Content Update (SCU) is no longer used to generate EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) reports.  n/aFixed. Apply SAP Note 3087258 - EWA: Service Content Update (SCU) is not used for new EarlyWatch Alerts 
The collection of parameter data (ST-A/PI) is unavailable for your session. Run the relevant script attached to SAP Note 1171650 for the DB recommendations.Run the script in SAP Note 1171650 manually and check if there are any DB recommendations. Development is working on a fix.KI202003672
Parameter icm/HTTP/support_http2 in section 18.1.4 HTTP/2 Support not recognized correctlyImplement newest SCUDevelopment had created fix in newest SCU (2021-06-29)
Error transferring session data to SAP-SUPPORT_PORTAL in transaction SDCCN
> No START tag has been found in downloads SAP-SUPPORT_PARCELBOX
n/aFix available, implement SAP Note 3077111 - Upload of periodic service data to SAP parcel box fails

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