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Analytical Indexes were introduced in BWA 7.2. An Analytical Index is a BWA-only Infoprovider defined using the Analytical Process Designer tool or published from a logical BWA index. It can be used to generate a TransientProvider (an InfoProvider that can be used by a BEX query without being modeled in the Data Warehousing Workbench).

Analytical Indexes can be created and filled with (transformed) data quickly. They are therefore suited for quick improvised analysis.

In the Analysis Process Designer (APD; transaction RSANWB), the Analytical Index is a new target object. This "new target" contains data that has been read from a source and processed by the APD. Data is read from the source, analyzed, mapped and persistently written to the Analytical Index. Any output from an APD process can be written to an Analytical Index.

BWA stores the Analytical Index with primary persistence, in the form of a simple star schema. The characteristics of the Index are stored in the dimensions. These dimensions can carry attributes. The analyzed key figures are stored in the facttable and are called "facts".

As well as the fact and dimension data, an Analytical Index can also contain authorization data. As with analysis authorizations, this authorization data ensures that users can only display data in the query if they are authorized. When data in an Analytical Index is created, changed, loaded or deleted, this is logged in the application log under "Analytic Index" (AIND). The authorizatoins for these actions are assigned using authorization object S_RS_AI. 

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