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Below you can find the information to find out the Version of the JAR-File which is available with SAP Note 1926137 and which JAR-File Version is installed on the desktop.


Find out version of JAR-File which is provided by SAP Note 1926137:
  • Open SAP Note 1926137 and go to the attachments.
  • Download the file „JNetAppGanttPlusSapS.jar” to the Desktop (click on the file in note > save as)
  • Open the file on desktop: Right Mouseclick > Open with > WinRar archiver
  • Open folder “META-INF”
  • Click on “MANIFEST.MF”
  • Right mouseclick > view file
  • Information concerning: JNet-Version is available.


Find out the JAR-File Version which is currently used on the desktop:

Activate the Java-Console in “control panel” as follows:

  • Call "Control Panel"
  • Open "Java"
  • Go to tab: Advanced
  • Set “Java Console”: Activate "Show console"



  • Then open a project in the frontend of Project Management and go to the Gantt-Graphic. The java-console is opened in a pop-up where you can find the JNET-Version information.



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