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Find out which "Input Template" values are available while creating "Simulation" or "Snapshot"-Version for "Global" or "Local" Versions.


You define the possible forms that version numbers can take in Project Management in customizing in "Project Management > Structure > Define Permitted Version Numbers". If you create snapshots or simulations, the name must correspond to one of the input templates you define here.

This is the meaning of the available settings in this customizing activity:

Flag "To Be Archived"

  • If you set the indicator, the system checks when you archive projects whether project versions exist for these projects. If versions do exist and if the version names match the current input template, the system also archives the project versions.
  • If you do not set this indicator, you can delete the project versions for this version; when you delete projects, the project versions that belong to them are also deleted without being archived.

Dropdown field "Usage for Version"

  • Global versions can only be managed by users that have the appropriate authorization for the CPRO_VSHDR authorization object. This authorization object enables you to specify the exact usage of versions throughout your enterprise.
  • Local versions can be created by any project administrator and can be used for your own evaluation purposes.


Below you can find some breakpoints which can be used to start the analyze when Project Version Administration is called:

Load all Version Input Templates which are defined in customizing from table cgpl_vrsn_def:



Depending on the selection of the version type "Simulation" or "Snapshot" the available mask-datas are loaded:

CALL METHOD cl_dpr_api_services=>vrsn_hdr_get_masks


/Get Version header mask definitions
  lt_version_header_def = lr_version_header_defs->get_vrsn_hdr_defs_by_usage(
                            iv_version_type  = lv_version_type
                            iv_version_usage = lv_version_usage ).


Depending on the version-type (SIM or SNP) and on the version-usage (1-Global or 2-Local) the Input Templates are selected:

LOOP AT mt_header INTO ls_header.
    IF iv_version_type  = ls_header-ref->ms_attributes-version_type AND
       iv_version_usage = ls_header-ref->ms_attributes-version_usage.
      IF iv_without_system_defs = cgplc_con_yes.
        CHECK ls_header-version NP '0*'.
      APPEND ls_header-ref TO rt_version_header_def.





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