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It is an error handling tool originally designed as banking solution.  Can be used on postings documents via BAPI and direct-input.


You have to ways for error correction:

-      Automatic correction of soft-errors on substitution Rules (auto correction processor)

-      Subsequent manual correction on Hard-Errors (ECS post processing Workplace)

How to activate ECS

Transaction: SFW5

  • You have 2 switchs: 
    • FIN_GL_ERR_CORR  - is mandatory to activate ECS
    • FIN_GL_ERR_CORR_SUSP -  optional for suspense accounting 

You can use ECS without suspense accounting.


Inputs: BAPI and direct input. ECS itself is using the accounting interface

Error correction system:

-      ACP Translation: Data translation. You can define some rules, which are corrections at document automatically process. Example: You can define something like a BADI that you can implement and define your own substitution rules.

-      First level check SAP: those checks are something like very basic checks of posting date or company codes at document that will be posted.

-      First level check Customer: checks defined by the customer. Example: validation.

-      Customer document balancing: you could check and correct the balancing before the accounting interface, if balancing is not zero the document will not be posted.

-      ACP Validation and substitution: similar to "ACP translation".

-      Accounting interface

If an error occur in one of those steps, no might in what step the ‘ECS document’ is created. If NO error occurs in this whole process then the FI document is posted, and ECS will not be involved in this case.

The data is passed to database ECS

ECS UI and SAP GUI are access explanatory, the user interacts after the ECS document is generated using the ECS workplace.The ECS workplace will process the ECS system document instead of us calling the BAPI or direct input. So all the data that’s used for the post processing is starting ECS and also handling ECS. 



Path: > Financial Accounting (New) > Financial Accounting Global Settings (New) > Document > Error Correction and Suspense Accounting

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