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The WT /370 is not shown on table RT at the final processing. This is not an error but a standard behaviour. If you want to check this value you should search for function PFGCD at your Payroll. 

Picture 1. Function PFGCD

You can double click on the table IT of the input ("Entrada") to check the WT /370 and the basis used in order to calculate the WTs /371 and /372 of the Fundo de Compensação. In the section "Processamento", you can see the "Contribuiçao FCT" and "Contribuiçao FGCT":

Picture 2. Table IT of entry and "Processamento" of the function PFGCD

If you want to translate this concept to your final RT in order to check it using Wage Type Reporter (H99CWTR0), we recommend to create a customer wage type and a rule before function PFGCD where you can copy the value of /370.


In case the previous information did not solve your issue, please contact us (SCN, chat, incidence) providing the information described in the following link:
How to report an incident to SAP Support about FCT & FGCT.