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Below you can find information and hints for breakpoints to start debugging for:
      Project Dashboard
      Dashboards "My Objects"


Which fields are displayed in the dashboard?

Fields of structure DPR_TS_DASHBOARD_ATTR are available.

To add further fields to this structure follow up the steps as described in SAP Note 971394.


Which values are displayed in the dashboard?

Values which are available in table DPR_DASHBOARD for the object-guid are displayed.

BAdI DPR_EVE_DASHBOARD can be used to modify the datas which are displayed in the Dashboard. (see SAP Note 971394)


Project Dashboard 

Depending on the tab "last used projects, favorites, substitutes... the parameter mv_my_object_list is filled in:


CASE mv_my_object_list.

  • Favorites
  • Last used projects
  • Substitutes


The table et_dashboard_data and et_dashboard_data_icon contain the datas which will be displayed in the frontend:

CALL METHOD cl_dpr_api_compound_services=>get_dashboard_for_objects
      it_object_guids        = lt_object_guids
      iv_user_id             = sy-uname
      iv_aco_object_type     = lv_aco_object_type
      it_comp_tab            = lt_comp_tab
      et_dashboard_data      = et_dashboard_data
      et_dashboard_data_icon = et_dashboard_data_icon
      ev_rc                  = lv_rc.



In class CL_DPR_EVE_DASHBOARD_SERVICES, method GET_DASHBOARD_FOR_OBJECTS_EXT the following functions are processed:


  • Get dashboard data (internal)
  • Fill additional data (external)
  • Add generically determined texts to dashboard.



The authorization check (ACL) and the selection from table DPR_DASHBOARD occurs at:

*/    get dashboards
    IF NOT it_object_guids IS INITIAL.
      SELECT (lt_selection_tab) FROM dpr_dashboard INTO CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF TABLE lt_db_dashboard
        FOR ALL ENTRIES IN it_object_guids
        WHERE object_guid = it_object_guids-table_line.



The texts for Dashboard datas are retrieved at:


  • Get system status
  • Get user status texts
  • Get texts for threshold violation severities
  • Get texts for project types
  • Get texts for phase types
  • Get texts for task types


Dashboards "My Objects"

Class CL_DPR_MY_OBJECTS method GET_MY_OBJECTS_DB is processed when fetching the data from the database to populate the entries in the "My Projects", "My Tasks" and "My Checklist Items" dashboards.

Tip: in case you need to replicate a behaviour with the "my objects" dashboard for another user, you can check variable LV_USER_ID in class CL_DPR_API_USER_SPECIFIC_INFO method RETRIEVE_BY_ASSOCIATION a few steps up the call stack.



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