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Below you can find the coding which is relevant when a project is exported to MS Project or imported from MS Project:

Export of a Project to MS Project

Import of a Project from MS Project


Export of a Project to MS Project

Class CL_DPR_MSP_UTILITY contains methods which are relevant to Microsoft Project integration. E.g. method FILL_MSP_PROJECT populates the project structure which

is later used for export to MS Project, method MSPC_CONVERT_ABAP2XML converts the ABAP data for the project (structure IS_ABAPDATA) to XML data (EV_XML).

While this process you can check the XML-File (EV_XML) which is created and contains the datas for exporting.


Steps to export a project to MS Project:

  • Select a project in Project-Dashboard
  • Button: Export Project
  • Select Application: Microsoft Project
  • Button: Check


Which datas are exported?

Then a breakpoint can be set at:

      CALL TRANSFORMATION dpr_msp_xml2abap
*                     Give the rootname as result. Here OUTPUT acts as a rootname
                      SOURCE output = is_abapdata
                      RESULT XML ev_xml.
      lv_convert = cl_abap_conv_in_ce=>create( input = ev_xml ).
      lv_convert->read( IMPORTING data = lv_data ).


  • In Debugger click on the structure EV_XML to open it in detail.
  • Select "View": VAR_XML  XML Browser
  • Then the datas are displayed as XML-file directly in Debugger.
  • To save the XML-Datas as file: Right Mouseclick > View Source > Save the file.
  • Then you can open this XML-File separately with the Browser and check the datas.


Import of a Project from MS Project

While importing a project the breakpoint can be set at CALL TRANSFORMATION in class CL_DPR_MSP_UTILITY, method MSPC_CONVERT_XML2ABAP. Then the XML-File with the imported datas is available by structure IV_XML. (Details to display the structure as XML-File in browser - see above).


Further Tips              
  • SAP Note 841337 Customer enhancement BAdI for import/export MSProject/XML
  • SAP Note 1119068 cProjects 4.0 FAQ: Composite SAP Note re. MSP import/export
  • SAP Note 1326709 MS Project Integration with SAP Portf. and Proj. Management
  • Webdynpro: DPR_TRANSFER



General Information: Project Management Integration with MS Projects



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