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The purpose of this page is to provide a list Knowledge Base Articles (KBAs) separated by area in EWM.


This page will list all Knowledge Base Articles created in EWM area, both of the type "Problem" and also those of the type "How To", also identifying which component is affected.

Knowledge Base Articles


Delivery Processing (SCM-EWM-DLP)

2448726Error: Delivery &1, item &2: Unpacked quantity must be split manuallySCM-EWM-DLP-BF-GMHow To
2445958HU &1 not completely included in outbound delivery &2SCM-EWM-DLP-BF-GMHow To
2444486Error: "Unpacked delivery stock main item not available in sufficient quantity"SCM-EWM-DLP-BFHow To
2444327Loading inconsistency in ODO item splitSCM-EWM-DLP-BF-DFPProblem
2442323Delivery item blocked due Best-Before Date BBD/Expiration date expiredSCM-EWM-DLP-BF-STMProblem
2428376Translation of PPF Merge Logics is missingSCM-EWM-DLP-BF-PPFProblem
2427166M7175 - Maintain serial numbers for total quantitySCM-EWM-DLP-BF-SNProblem
2421286Message "Field Item: Shelf Life Expiration Date, End is required field for theSCM-EWM-DLP-BF-ICCProblem
2410972Returns delivery cannot be completed after quality inspectionSCM-EWM-DLP-BF-DFPProblem
2374145Application error: Exception in method... when PGI for a TUSCM-EWM-DLP-BF-GMHow To
2364483Deviating stock attributes for delivery item when post GISCM-EWM-DLPProblem
2361107UoM conversion ends up with fractionsSCM-EWM-DLP-BF-QOProblem
2349831How to create the perfect incident for EWM (SCM-EWM) component and subcomponentSCM-EWM-DLPHow To
2058724Error /SCDL/AF041 during creation of outbound deliverySCM-EWM-DLP-BF-GMHow To
2214846Unable to cancel pick HU/ODO due to error "Outbound delivery distribution - UnaSCM-EWM-DLP-BF-GMHow To
2402881Stuck queue in SMQ2 with error LEDSP 007 "No split profile in &1 for activity 'SCM-EWM-DLPHow To
2431682PPF triggered automatically and not by condition recordSCM-EWM-DLP-BF-PPFHow To
2353305Partial Goods Issue posting fails for Consumption Goods in EWMSCM-EWM-DLP-BF-GMProblem
2410972Returns delivery cannot be completed after quality inspectionSCM-EWM-DLP-BF-DFPProblem
2437553Error in /SCWM/TU: Saving not possible as unprocessed GI exists; restart GISCM-EWM-DLP-BF-GMProblem
2443037Goods Receipt and Put Away are greater than the delivery quantitySCM-EWM-DLPProblem
2461209The quantity of role "Aggregated Quantity" is greater than the delivery quantitySCM-EWM-DLP-BF-QOHow To
2461333Error Message "Putaway WT created (cancellation/reversal not possible)"SCM-EWM-DLP-BFProblem
2465850How to set up tolerance check in EWMSCM-EWM-DLP-SF-IDHow To
2478253Message /SCDL/AF041 when activating an IDNSCM-EWM-DLP-INTHow To
2492909Status of transit procedure prohibits goods issueSCM-EWM-DLP-BF-GMProblem
2496245TU loading reversal issueSCM-EWM-DLPProblem
2501190BSP: Partially Completed Packing StatusSCM-EWM-DLP-BF-STMHow To
2501977Error /SCDL/BO_VALIDATION047: Negative quantity not allowed for Put Away Planned in return deliverySCM-EWM-DLP-BF-DFPHow To
2503481Serial number with leading zero is removed in EWMSCM-EWM-DLP-BF-SNProblem
2504702How to interpret timestamp in EWM DB tablesSCM-EWM-DLP-UIHow To
2513788Error /LIME/CORE072 : Item 000001: No serial number unit, but serial number tableSCM-EWM-DLP-BF-SNProblem
2513834Not possible to reverse GI for a delivery with 0 quantitySCM-EWM-DLP-BF-GMHow To
2516912SAP External Batch is not flowing to EWMSCM-EWM-DLP-BF-BMHow To
2518328EWM Delivery status handlingSCM-EWM-DLP-BF-STMHow To
2521212Unexpected Delay in Completion of Inbound DeliveriesSCM-EWM-DLP-BF-STMHow To
2530597Hanging queue in EWM with error "Scrapping: Document &1, number of items relevant for scrapping &2"SCM-EWM-DLP-CFGProblem
2534538/SCWM/UI_TO_CONF041: Correction of warehouse task no longer possible despite delay definedSCM-EWM-DLP-CFG-ACTHow To
2539033TSG: Message no. /SCDL/BO_VALIDATION009 The quantity of role "Put Away Planned" is greater than the delivery quantitySCM-EWM-DLP-BF-DFPHow To
2540858Error /SCWM/ERPINTEGRATION057 issued after PPF executionSCM-EWM-DLP-BF-PPFHow To
2544587Error during reverse of Goods Receipt in an Inbound DeliverySCM-EWM-DLP-BF-DFPProblem
2549638Reverse GI not possible due Transit Status Out of YardSCM-EWM-DLP-BFProblem
2549920WPT determination logicSCM-EWM-DLP-BF-BPFProblem
2559960Subhierarchy type Outbound Delivery Split is not valid for main hierarchy type Delivery GroupSCM-EWM-DLPProblem
2568490/SCWM/CANCPICK error: /SCWM/UI_CANCPICK 014 Outbound delivery distribution - Unable to cancel delivery &1 item &2SCM-EWM-DLP-SF-ODProblem
2576380Impossible to add packaging item on inbound delivery relevant to EWMSCM-EWM-DLP-BF-PACHow To
2595474Del. &1, item &2: outb. del. &3 created; picking cancellation not poss.SCM-EWM-DLP-SF-ODProblem
2607884Missing PWA document flow link for confirmed putaway WTsSCM-EWM-DLP-BF-DFPHow To


Warehouse Order Processing (SCM-EWM-WOP)

2458893System could not determine source storage binSCM-EWM-WOPProblem
2430085Internal error: Transferred data is not consistentSCM-EWM-WOPHow to
2389353Error "Available quantity for prod. is not sufficient" when posting Goods IssueSCM-EWM-WOPProblem
2429679Product WT for quality stock includes source HUSCM-EWM-WOP-BF-WTCHow to
2465404Maximum Quantity for Storage Type GroupSCM-EWM-WOPProblem
2461333Error Message "Putaway WT created (cancellation/reversal not possible)"SCM-EWM-WOPProblem
2459872Required handling units could not be foundSCM-EWM-WOPProblem
2448763Time out in ABAP Program /SCWM/SAPLSTOCK_DATASCM-EWM-WOPProblem
2447027Available stock is set as RU though unrestr. batch existsSCM-EWM-WOPHow To
2444952No entry found for process-oriented storage controlSCM-EWM-WOPProblem
2444342Merge Warehouse Orders Not WorkingSCM-EWM-WOPProblem
2443773Error: Handling unit type & is not compatible with current block definitionSCM-EWM-WOPProblem
2443371Error /SCWM/L3696 while confirming the putaway warehouse taskSCM-EWM-WOPProblem
2442422Addition to existing stock is not allowed in a HU that is being packedSCM-EWM-WOPProblem
2438489Quantity classification for HU WT determined according to HU typeSCM-EWM-WOPProblem
2409948'Addition to Existing Stock / Empty Bin' customizingSCM-EWM-WOPProblem
2383741How to correct the Warehouse Order statusSCM-EWM-WOPHow To
2342514Dump DYNPRO_SYNTAX_ERROR, Error Screen "/SCWM/SAPL0CORE_CUST" 0114 could not be generatedSCM-EWM-WOPProblem
2019324General performance issue in EWMSCM-EWM-WOPProblem
2463481Batch Neutral setting does not work during WT creationSCM-EWM-WOPProblem
2429679Product WT for quality stock includes source HUSCM-EWM-WOP-BF-WTCHow To
2480096/SCWM/L3725: There are only 0.000 EA of product & availableSCM-EWM-WOP-BFHow To
2496895Available quantity level is not supported at storage bin and pick pointSCM-EWM-WOP-PCKProblem
2506866The grabber function module &1 needs to be generated firstSCM-EWM-WOPProblem
2509487Error "System could not determine source storage bin" when using /SCWM/ADPRODSCM-EWM-WOPProblem
2509951Pick Point activation for storage typesSCM-EWM-WOPProblem
2510299Resource creation failed with error message /SCWM/HUGENERAL099 SCM-EWM-WOP-RMProblem
2516576Exception code is shown as ****SCM-EWM-WOPHow To
2536905The Empty indicator is not set for a storage binSCM-EWM-WOPHow To
2540396Inconsistencies in available stocks table /SCWM/AQUASCM-EWM-WOPHow To
2551797WO status gets confirmed, however WTs are cancelledSCM-EWM-WOPHow To
2553714Warehouse Order sorting is wrong with Parallel WaveSCM-EWM-WOPProblem
2554983BAdI /SCWM/EX_CORE_CO_IMPORT not trigger during the immediate confirmation of Warehouse taskSCM-EWM-WOPProblem
2558840Error "Storage bin & not sectioned correctly"SCM-EWM-WOPProblem
2562353Stock remains in EWM even after posting GISCM-EWM-WOPProblem
2573915Waiting WT not cancelled if LOSC WT confirmed with CHBDSCM-EWM-WOP-BF-WTCProblem
2581650Could not determine subsequent stock type to &1SCM-EWM-WOPProblem
2608906WT created with batch for Batch-Neutral Storage TypeSCM-EWM-WOPHow To


Interface (SCM-EWM-IF)

2332231EWM split deliveries with zero quantity not updated in the ERP original deliverSCM-EWM-IF-ERP-DLPProblem
2374224Stuck queue in SMQ2 with error /SCWM/ERPINTEGRATION089SCM-EWM-IF-ERP-DLPHow To
2462125Deficit Stock Error Queue Has Been Resolved by Manual CorrectionSCM-EWM-IFProblem
2462035SMQ2 error: #Item 000010: No sales quantity is saved for item#.SCM-EWM-IF-ERP-GMHow To
2437459Function Module LE_DSP_REMOTE queue errorSCM-EWM-IF-ERP-DLPProblem
2422284Unable to implement SAP Note 2226334SCM-EWM-IF-ERP-DLPProblem
2410622Tcode /SCWM/ERP_STOCKCHECK issues serial number errorSCM-EWM-IF-ERPProduct Enhancement
2352322No update of ERP is possible when goods mvmt WT is archivedSCM-EWM-IF-ERP-DLPHow To
2338823HU type is deleted in EWM after change in ERPSCM-EWM-IF-ERPProblem
2258386How to analyze: IBD shows open status in ECC but completed in EWMSCM-EWM-IF-ERP-DLPHow To
2402881Stuck queue in SMQ2 with error LEDSP 007 "No split profile in &1 for activity 'SCM-EWM-IF-ERP-DLPHow To


Master Data (SCM-EWM-MD)

2443460Cannot change Batch Selection Criteria manuallySCM-EWM-MD-BAProblem
2430562How to enable log function for /SCWM/PACKSPECSCM-EWM-MD-PSProblem
2443460Cannot change Batch Selection Criteria manuallySCM-EWM-MD-BAProblem
2418426"No logical system could be determined" error in batch creationSCM-EWM-MD-BAProblem
2340827Condition table with PAK_MATID, PAK_SHIP_TO or PAK_VSBED does not find the packSCM-EWM-MD-PSProblem
2300782Batch is not in-sync between ECC and EWMSCM-EWM-MD-BAHow To


Monitoring (SCM-EWM-MON)

2417084Physical Stock is missing in the MonitorSCM-EWM-MONProblem
2391004Incorrect Physical Stock displayed in Check Monitor when searching by Storage BSCM-EWM-MONHow To


Wave Management (SCM-EWM-WAV)

2338899Outbound delivery orders are assigned to multiple waves instead of a single wavSCM-EWM-WAVProblem


Goods Movement (SCM-EWM-GM)

2368315Goods Issue Not Allowed for Storage BinSCM-EWM-GM-GRIProblem
2389353Error "Available quantity for prod. is not sufficient" when posting Goods IssueSCM-EWM-WOPProblem
2353305Partial Goods Issue posting fails for Consumption Goods in EWMSCM-EWM-GMProblem


Physical Inventory (SCM-EWM-PI)

2104179Error message  /SCWM/UI_DIFF035 "Product is subject to serial number" when tryiSCM-EWM-PI-DAHow To