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To provide a list of Knowledge Base Articles created in IBP area.

Note: S-User authentication needed on Support Portal

Knowledge Base Articles


2493042IBP- CPI Integration - Best Practices for Extracting Data out of IBP
2402290IBP Excel filter with NOT EQUAL operator does not show (None)
2515060IBP Excel add-in: move your metadata cache to your roaming profile

E - S&OP Planning operator relevant keyfigure has a calculation chain that does not end in stored keyfigures at the same planning level

2317127Error: Select at least one scenario or "Baseline" under Planning Scope
2317153SOP Optimizer: Value of Key figure X is too large: X - SCMPLAN 134
 2317118SOP Optimizer: No external receipt can be planned for product X at location Y in period Z - SCMPLAN 9023
 2317133Error: Sequence contains more than one matching element
2345443Copy Operator fails for Snapshot Key Figure
 2199289Error : # records failed with error, Unable to import the data because the row
2333547Invalid Column Name during Version Copy
2274824Post process status check operation is stopped as maximum time limit for staus
 2229889How to Find Relevant Knowledge Repositories For SAP S&OP and IBP

How to purge data from the data integration reporting table

2286988SAP IBP, add-in for Microsoft Excel: Save/Simulation not working for a specific combination ("The back end rejected some of the changes that you made to X cells" error message)
2238074Additional information about the supply planning function for IBP for Sales and Operations
2105719Time Zone Issue in HANA Cloud Integartion (HCI) and SAP Integrated Business Planning
 2367219 Error while creating required combinations : SQL error 1100008
 2367185 Error "Ambiguous values found for non-root attributes..." for master data load
 2367541Error in IBP: "Two different planning object IDs are used for the same keys" when running a planning operator
 2360152Excel SSO connects automatically with Remember me option
2370482Attribute transformation does not work for weekly planning level
2370447How to delete attribute as key figure assigned through a compound MDT
2374588IBP: Error "Cannot read time bucket data for planning area" in Excel
2375742Forecast job fails- Exception: cannot insert NULL or update to NULL
2375753Time profile delta upload with insert/update
2371205  IBP error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
 2376870 Attribute exists but is not selectable in IBP Excel Add-in
 2380751 IBP: "No planning area found" error in Excel Add-in
 2381366 IBP Error: Time data not found
 2381526 Issues with Business Roles and Restrictions
 1644784Error "Microsoft Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action"  

Data inconsistency in IBP Excel add-in due to Metadata Cache 

2396033IBP Excel Add-in: Availability of Reload Cache button
2397892How to manually change IBP Excel add-in language after installation
2408870IBP add-in does not login when installed with EPM add-in simultaneously
2409134IBP Excel UI Home button does not work: service cannot be reached
2409135IBP Collaboration Task assigned to other user shows up in task creator's list
2409151Time profile and other elements are inactive after transporting planning area in IBP
2424063IBP: IAM Information System App Loads No Data
2426697IBP: Invalid member / Error in Refresh Sheet issues in Excel 
2433731IBP: Version Copy ends in error when selecting multiple Key Figures
2436131IBP: Common post processing jobs errors in HCI
2435110 Key Figures are not available in Master Data Workbook
2435571IBP: Error when running copy operator for a scenario
2435646IBP: Mandatory attribute
2435662IBP: "some aggregation level attributes are not part of the planning level"
2435673Attribute value having only SPACE characters are not allowed
2435695IBP: Snapshot job fails
2435700IBP: Replace mode and Delete mode
2435706IBP: Attributes' descriptions are not visible in Excel
2435713IBP: Calculation not working across certain periods
2435716 Planning Area activation running for longer duration than expected
2436782IBP: Data Integration jobs fail with Fatal Error in IBP WebUI
2436900IBP: Visibility Filters do not work properly with greater than/less than/greater than equal to/less than equal to/between settings
2436982 The Output from IF statement in Keyfigure is failing if one of the input keyfigure value is NULL
2436984IBP: Trailing zero before the value for the attribute of type nvarchar
2438953IBP: Cannot edit Key Figure in current time buckets

IBP: Error "Invalid planning area. Missing view SOPNZ_PLAREA_..._..._VIEW" when opening a Network Visualization chart

2445962IBP: Error "Unable to load network chart. An unexpected error occurred" when opening a Network Visualization chart
2433923IBP: Error "HRESULT: 0x800401A8" when trying to save planning view as Favorite
2433669IBP: Change History in .csv format display Key Figures names with technical names
2429635IBP: some time buckets are not copying values when disaggregating
2423565IBP: Error "You need authorization for maintaining planning combinations" when creating a Planning Object
2453234IBP: Error "There are all-roots planning levels which have non-root attributes" when activating Planning Area
2456362IBP: How to restrict templates for users in Excel
2457183IBP: Dependent Production Demand is not distributed for the Components
2459215IBP: Is it possible fo extract Key Figure data of a specific Scenario via HCI?
2460665IBP: Error "Enter a unique name for the key figure" when trying to delete a Key Figure
2461876IBP: Input/Output Key Figure values are removed after Heuristic run
2459255IBP: System backups - How it works / Frequency
2459274IBP: Saved template/favorite loses filters when shared with other users
2459286IBP: Transport - Supported Objects/Features 
2437522JAM Groups missing in IBP when defining process steps
2351651How to transport Roles in IBP 5.0
2397827How to Delete a Dashboard from Backend (6.x versions)

How to fix "Object not checked" error message in IBP

2445953IBP: You need authorization to purge key figure data of planning area "XXXXXX"
2459896IBP: Simulation option in Excel UI does not show more than 20 operators
2470133IBP: CAPASUPPLY is doubled in Time Period 'Weeks'
2470604IBP: Message "No location source found for location X and product Y" when running Heuristic/Optimizer
2472976IBP: Heurisitc supplies more than the demand
2473889IBP: Inventory Optimization (IO) operator fails when running for a different Version
2454016IBP: Activating Planning Area with the Master Data flag
2456479IBP: invalid planning unit key (Error Code 6)
2459767IBP: copy/paste does not work in Maintain Business Users app
2464655IBP: how to enable Job Templates for IBP Excel Add-In
2475926IBP: error when running Statistical Forecasting
2475798IBP: Configuring Inventory Optimization
2477564 IBP: how to generate performance logs and traces in Excel

IBP: Optimizer is not respecting Minimum Lot Size

2479047IBP: How to define a Default Planning Area in IBP system
2479068IBP: How to provide enhancement / improvement requests or feedback for Integrated Business Planning product
2478968 IBP: Post-processing status issues in HCI
2482091 IBP: download reports for Data Integration - read access
2482131IBP: downloading Excel IBP Add-In from Launchpad
2484050IBP: Error "Global configuration of SCENARIO - SCN_COUNT_MAX () already reached" when activating Planning Area
2477576IBP: Error "inserted value too large for column: Failed in "XX" when upload Master Data data
2488747IBP: How do Attributes COSTPOLICY work and what are their purpose?
2490147IBP: message "No messages to show at this time" when opening operator's logs in Excel
2517821IBP: Application Job Template is missing in Excel
2520859IBP: Planning Area activation button is greyed out

IBP: Transport Model does not transport Attribute Checks configuration

2485971IBP: Pop up is shown requesting if you want to disable the Excel add-in
2482649IBP: Cannot login to Excel add-in - getting Windows Security pop up dialog box
2509470IBP: How to troubleshoot issues when the IBP plugin does not show up in Excel UI - Decision Tree
2503365IBP: Percentage Key Figure does not show as percent in Excel Planning View
2502694IBP: Simulation Error: GetMaxTimeout exception in Excel logs
2518223IBP: Tasks from Process steps are not assigned to users in Jam
2515758IBP: Availability of MAX_IMPORT_ROWS Global Configuration Parameter
2515700IBP: Application Job with multiple steps fails when HCI step finish with rejected records
2513741IBP: "Cannot Load Tile" error message on WEB UI
2465823IBP: HCI "invalidated procedure / invalid name of function or procedure" error
2486183IBP: Manually extract the Configuration data from IBP Back-end to a CSV file
2531266IBP: Fatal error: "...contains columns not exist in staging table: SOPDD_STAG_TIMEPERIOD_xxx" when uploading Time Profile
2531325IBP: Fatal error: "Reason: Format error in row 1: '' is an invalid date" when uploading Time Profile
2537681IBP: Dropdown lists of 'Manage Product Lifecycle' app do not show all values
2548268IBP: Limit of users in an IBP system
2548361IBP: Completed jobs show incorrect Status 'In Process'
2547583IBP: Calculation Level of ABC/XYZ Segmentation Rules is not populated
2561308IBP: Process Chart is missing in Dashboard's Chart list
2570378IBP: Error "Error in refresh sheet ... Tuple query detected" when opening Template

IBP: Planning Area dropdown list is empty in 'Analyze Promotions' app

2536638IBP: Planning Area gets inactive after adding or removing a Planning Operator from it
2536863IBP: How to add Key Figures created in a new IBP release to your existing Planning Area
2538974IBP: Removing Attribute as Key Figure
2539056IBP: Change duration for logging out from IBP Excel Add-in
2577151IBP: Error "SOURCE_KFID1 KFXX is not valid for version XYZ" when running Copy Operator
2572751IBP: Error "Server ErrorError from the virus scanner that is related to the scan process" during Data Integration
2577218IBP: Filter not active when opening planning view from "From Template" option
2559247IBP: Error "you are not authorized to perform this operation" when saving a Forecast Model
2552099IBP: Error "You can't apply filters to planning operator type SCM with ID x" when running S&OP Operators
2549466IBP: Optimizer does not satisfy late deliveries
2541597IBP: Key Figure Safety Days of Supply (SAFETYDAYSSUPPLY) is not populated after S&OP Operator run
2581723IBP: Error "Data already exists for master data type &1" when activating a Master Data Type
2579156IBP: Error "Internal PAL error; code: xxx" when running Statistical Forecast job
2585349IBP: Button "Go to Excel" does not work in Alerts
2587831IBP: Error "Processing error in Internet Communication Framework: ("Connect to failed" when running a HCI task
2589450IBP: Button "Go to Excel" downloads incorrect/corrupted file
2590855IBP: Popup "EPM - Ambiguous Name" when adding text to non-IBP worksheet
2590918IBP: Frozen Horizon not respected by Heuristic operator
2593734IBP: How to check the Application version (release) & SP level (HFC) of your system
2610245IBP: Deleted employees still available in 'Maintain Business Users' app
2603587IBP: Same Product Code in the MSI Installer while trying to deploy Excel add-in to the end users 
2599908IBP: How to automatically add new sub-networks (planning units) to the existing Planning View Templates 
2617024IBP: Best Forecast does not display in the logs which algorithm was selected
2626094IBP: Attribute PERIODSAVGDEMAND is missing in sample Planning Areas
2637382IBP: How to restrict Planning Operators with different types, but with same IDs?
2639153IBP: Filter for Planning Units is not applied to the planning view
2640335IBP: Key Figure INITIALINVENTORY values are missing in aggregated view
2628743IBP: Late Delivery for Independent Demand does not work
2651766IBP: Key Figure INITIALINVENTORY is not considered by the SCM operators
2696461IBP: Planning Notes are not saved in Excel
2694356IBP: Error "Error in supply planning" when pressing Save Data/Simulate
2693443IBP: Missing Business Logs in Excel for S&OP Operators 
2646189IBP: Excel UI - Display planning operator types one by one 
2697054IBP: Excel Add-in - "System.OutOfMemoryException" popup
2699247IBP: How to troubleshoot Excel network / timeout issues
2699841IBP: Excel UI - How to edit Sheet Options without permission access to Template Admin section
2656724IBP: Analytics Chart filter do not display Master Data Type 
2720519IBP: Business Log is limited to 10,000 rows
2737574IBP: Field "SAP Jam Group" is missing in the Manage Process Template app 
2754329IBP: Missing Key Figures in Forecast Consumption Profile app of release 1902
2748900IBP: Saved Filter is not available for Supply operator's Business Logs
2772450IBP: some combinations are not considered by the S&OP Operators
2771051IBP: Time-Series-Based Supply Planning - Incident prioritization
2784406IBP: Excel issues - Incident prioritization
2772363IBP: Error "Feature "Shelf-life data but operator parameter USE_SHELF_L" is not supported for algorithm type HEURISTIC"
2782256IBP: Optimizer violates Aggregated Constraints MAXAGGTRANSPORT/DS when using MINTRANSPORT/DS
2785761IBP: Product Assignment's Phase-In/Phase-Out is considered even though it is Inactive
2785832IBP: Transport Receipts generated for a combination even though its Subnetwork is not selected in the run
2797129IBP: MDT is missing from the Forecast Consumption Mode Assignment
2797157IBP Excel Add-in 1905 2.0 version error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
2797175IBP: How to change the decimal format of the Analytic charts?
2799331IBP: "Error Location is invalid for transportation resource. Expected location is __TransResLoc for transportation resources."
2796113IBP: "There is a problem with the XML that was received from the network..." error message while login into the Excel UI
2790918IBP Excel Add-in: Menu screen shows as Blank. No information is displayed.
2794209IBP: Error in storing offline IBP information error message.
2805250IBP Add-in: Layout menu does not show while creating/editing a planning view
2806360IBP Excel add-in: "SAP_IBP_Chart.xlam missing or not activated" error message
2809463IBP: How to save the results of each algorithm when running a Forecast Model with method "Choose Best Forecast"?
2818513IBP: Supply Key Figures TRANSPORT/PRODUCTION do not show zeros (0) in the planning view
2818649IBP Excel add-in: "Sequence contains more than one matching element" error message
2822004IBP Excel add-in: Simulation menu does not group by different type of operators
2823834IBP: Key Figure COVERAGE does not calculate correctly after Heuristic/Optimizer run
2824922IBP: value of Adjusted Transport Key Figure returns after being deleted
2827571IBP: Time Horizon selection in Application Jobs app is different from the configuration in S&OP Operator Profiles app
2829430IBP: Planning Filters are not visible when scheduling an ABC/XYZ Segmentation operator
2826125IBP: Attribute Values on filters show twice with different case / Planning View shows with a different case (Upper / Lower / Mixed) when compared to the Master Data values
2820949IBP: Substitute Component is not considered by the Optimizer
2820562IBP: The logic of Warning message "No location source found" (ID 8010)
2817163IBP: Error "Cycle detected in SCM Network" when running Heuristic
2829894IBP: Error "The forecast cannot be saved as some planning objects are locked." when running Forecast model
2836036IBP Excel Add-in: How to lock cell edit-ability via EPM Formatting while using Multiple Time Levels
2836053IBP: Known differences between the Old and New Calculation Scenario Activation methods
2836550IBP Excel Add-in: Bad Request error when trying to login. Issue in IBP Security and Authorizations SCM-IBP-SEC.
2847143IBP Excel add-in: Label for Time Totals is displaying ID TOTAL_# instead of defined text value.
2859453IBP: How to switch the SAML setting in the Customer Systems
2846297IBP: Changed Values by copy and paste from another sheet are not being recognized upon Saving/Simulating in Excel
2846312IBP: Scheduled Job with recurrence pattern does not get executed as expected (remains on Scheduled status)
2851361IBP Excel: Different attributes are displayed twice with the same name (description) which causes neither of them to be selected unless you select both
2864165IBP Excel Addin: EPM ribbon shows instead of IBP ribbon after IBP Add-in installation
2689453Identity Authentication Service shows a pop-up asking for user and password
2876071IBP: Filter tab does not show while running an operator (that support filters) in the Excel UI
2877057IBP: Error SNAPSHOT is not a valid fixed value for domain /IBP/DI_DTYP for field IBP_DIDTYP while saving Business Role
2895828IBP: Editable Key Figures does not get grayed out after Time Horizon on the Planning View Template
2932209IBP Excel add-in: An exception occurred while calling function "RibbonGetVisible"
2899712Input string was not in a correct format 
2904624IBP Excel: Missing Planning Notes after add-in upgrade
2915791IBP Excel: Values on the Master Data Workbook shown multiplied by a factor (e.g. million times bigger)
2916254IBP: Data not loaded at all if (non-root) attribute with no value in the Master Data is included
2916798IBP Excel Add-in: Web Authentication fails with blank screen when trying to connect/login
2932199IBP Permission Filters: Differences between the Auto-Complete ON and OFF usage
2945547IBP: Usage of Key Figure IDs with “$$SQL-SELECT$$” in IBP
2967346IBP: Administration Function description details
2979961IBP Excel Add-in: Business User login fails with HTTP 403 error message "The website declined to show this webpage"
2982628IBP: #Error, no current connection on template
2987751IBP Excel Add-in: How to add Data Validation on a cell from 2005 add-in version
3037809Run-time error '91' Object variable or With block variable not set
3056458IBP Excel Add-in: "The memory used is already high" warning message
3056383IBP Excel Add-in: How User Layout settings (ID / ID-Desc / Desc) are stored and considered
3056480IBP Excel Add-in: Menu texts and options are not displayed properly
3056460IBP: Function module /IBP/ETS_PIR_IN_RFC is missing in S/4 system
3037030IBP Excel Add-in: "Cannot run the macro 'FPMXLClient.TechnicalCategory.ButtonActionInEPMClientFormattingSheet' error message in the EPMFormattingSheet
3017164IBP Excel add-in: No operators are displayed anymore on the SIMULATE menu.
3033828IBP: Attribute Permission could not be assigned to a (new) Business User
2488808IBP: Save/Simulation not working for a specific combination ("The back end rejected some of the changes that you made to X cells" error message)
3099169IBP Excel Add-in: Home button does not work and throws "An unforeseen error occurred on the server" error message


  1. Thanks. I can't access this note... is it in a normal status?

    2901541IBP: Excel Survival Guide 
    1. Hi Klif,

      Thanks for reporting it, that is an Internal Knowledge Base Article available only to SAP employees that was mistakenly added to this external list, so I have removed it now.