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To provide a list of Knowledge Base Articles created in SNC area.

Note: S-User authentification needed on Support Portal

Knowledge Base Articles

 2151502  How to create the perfect incident for SCM-ICH component and subcomponents
2008863Errors "Element lies outside the time series Definition" and "Time profile access out of validity period"
1649668PO Exceptions in Quick View are not cleared for ASNs
1943338Runtime error due to Alert 7777
1965164SNC does not generate  Standard Alert type 7051 for Newly created  Purchase Order
2206559Dump ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY in Alert Monitor in SNC WebUI
2272868Alert Monitor: when filtering for a specific location, other locations show up
1630557XML is not triggered from SNC to the backend system
1892374Dump "COMMIT_IN_POSTING" occurs when trying to save or publish an ASN
1894985How does due quantity calculated with ASN quantity, GR quantity / partial GR quantity
1925363Error "Product/Ship-from location/Customer location * is invalid" when creating
2043413Dump is created with run Runtime Errors DBIF_DSQL2_CONNECTSTR_ERROR
1881054 Error message "No temporary table of type 06 found for reuse" is raised in SNC
2184183 How to change the number of time buckets/periods shown in SNC screens
2124857 FTR: download profile status stays as "New" and upload profile status stays as "Queued"
2179057 Delivery Completed items appear in PO Worklist and in FTR Download profile
1950533 Save Time Bucket Profile for user or business partner
2119800 Invoice creation not possible with ERS indicator set
 2133694  Error "Invoice *, item *: Enter valid tax code" when creating an invoice in SNC
 2267458  Sending the Means of Transport in the XML message
 1554462  Spelling Mistake in Message /SCF/CL_PO_MSG 059
 1673158  SNC WEBUI screens display Price information even for 'Free/Promotional Products
 1661615  Consensus profile set up for PO approval process after vendor confirmation
 1667089  Unable to change the price in the PO Work list screen in SNC WEBUI
 1712211  Message /SCMB/ORDER059 in SNC
 1895560  ERROR 010(/SCMB/ORDER) - 'Order XXX item XXX schedule line 1: quantity missing'
 2111785  "Invoice creation not allowed" type and "Self-Billing Invoice" flag are set in
 2133618  XML fails with error "Item * net price: Currency unit is invalid" in SNC
2182898  Change in PO shipping/delivery date is not saved and dates are not recalculated
 2267407  Order document type ORTYPE and version VRSIOID: No order data areas defined
 2310638  SNC: Not all values retrieved;refine selection criteria
1792294 Error 'Schedule line has no due quantity error message' when creating an ASN fo
 2111831  Dump UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION Exception CX_FQDN when starting SNC application