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Program name: SAPF010

Transaction code: F.07


This program calculates the balance carried forward for customers and/or vendors.

The balances of the previous year are carried forward to the new year.

  • KNC1: Customer master (transaction figures FD10N)
  • KNC3: Customer master (special G/L transaction figures)

                 Special G/L Indicator PropertiesT074U).

  • LFC1: Vendor master (transaction figures FK10N)
  • LFC3: Vendor master (special G/L transaction figures)


In Detail log, a line item is displayed per account and special G/L indicator which displays the amount by which the carryforward into the new fiscal year would change (in the test run).


Detail log:

If the account has not yet been posted in the new year and no balance carried forward has been carried out for this account, the account is opened in the new year with the 1st balance carried forward; otherwise, the balance carried forward of the account is stored in the new year if changes result.


(Empty as it was only a Test run)

The log of SAPF011 or SAPF010 does not basically show the balance carried forward values but only the difference between the balance which may already have been carried forward and the values that are carried forward during the program run.

The difference of 1.535,72 and 1.365,16 is 170,56 which is shown in the SAPF010 log. More info can be found in Note 37529 .

When posting into a previous year, the system carries forward the balance automatically. This is independent of whether the program has already run or not. "posting to a previous year" means that the posting date of the document has an earlier year than the entry date. This automatic carrying forward also occurs accumulatively over several years that means a posting in January 2016 with the posting date December 2015 changes the balance carried forward for 2015 and 2016.

SAP recommends that the program is run at the beginning of the new fiscal year. If the program is already run at the end of the last fiscal year, postings which are posted after this to the last fiscal year, do not result in automatic adjustment of the balance carried forward because it is not a "posting to a previous year". In such a case, it is necessary to let the program run again after these postings to carry forward the postings entered later.

The program can be started as often as desired.

Nevertheless, you can post to the new year if the program has not yet run. When posting, the accounts, however, with a balance carried forward of greater than zero are opened. Postings in the previous year do increase this balance carried forward, but do not carry forward the total of the items already posted in the old year to the new year; the balance carried forward only has the items posted by the new year into the previous year, but not the items posted in the previous year itself.


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