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Ticket Requirements

In case you open an SAP ticket for an SFIN or S4 problem with the embedded analysis then please add the following information:

  • add a screenshot of the CONTTIMESTMP of the 0ANALSYS template (or any other planning template used in your scenario). S. docu above.
  • add the version of your Design Studio runtime according to this description 
  • Explain how to reproduce the scenario
  • Open an HTTP remote connection

Known Issues

Date Ranges in Variable Prompt cannot be entered (Include / exclude)


Only exclude options show, include is empty

Entered date will not be accepted

Releases found:
1.65.4 (Cloud!)

SAP is working on the issue.

Workaround: enter the date manually in the user specific format which you can lookup in your user settings

With these settings I could enter 05/30/2019.


Note 2821004 - Single Value Input on Date/(Time no longer provides Date/Time Picker Valuehelp

Error message: "Variables exist - Enter values and submit"


Unable to initialize query" and "Variables exist - Enter values and submit". On Fiddler the errors are:


Because of this URL parameter sap-sessionviaurl=X
GET /sap/bw/ina/GetServerInfo?sap-client=000&sap-language=EN&timestamp=1545058337579&sap-sessionviaurl=X
the INA ABAP handler adds the header field 
sap-rewriteurl: /sap(<session-ID)/bw/ina/GetServerInfo
to the response.

This header field might get filtered out:
2799452 Design Studio - request headers are getting lost

Excel Export Format changed with UI5 1805

2651196 - Export to Excel Improvement

2651642 - Export to Excel Improvement Issues 

Crosstab/table not visible in Query Browser using Theme Designer

If your screen has a customized theme to show your logo e.g., and the data table (crosstab) is not visible, the please read the following solution.


To solve the problem, you need generate a style for a library sap/zen/crosstab which are missing in your system. Moreover, after upgrade to 1.44.10 the custom theme needs to be rebuilt. After rebuilding all styles for all libraries should be generated. As well for sap/zen/crosstab, but not without the note

2417055 - UI theme designer on ABAP: Enable Theming for sap/zen/crosstab


Because of error of SAUI5 in SP01 the theme designer ignored this library.


With SAPU5 1.44.4 and higher please implement a note 2417055. This note is relevant for theme designer rebuild process and allow to consider for generation of styles the library sap/zen/crosstab again. 

Javascript error during startup

2424581 - IE: TypeError: Object doesn't support property or method 'endsWith' in JavaScript code XJSAndCssLoader.LoadJs()

2419913 - DataSource.getData() throws exception if dataCell is empty

503 Service Unavailable

Use the Chrome DEV Tools (console) or Fiddler and check which HTTP request returns the 503.

Copy the URL and execute it in your browser, it should return the same error: 503 Service Unavailable

Then check the documentation above and verify your service configuration in the ABAP system.

500 Internal Server Error

In general login to your backend ABAP system with the same client. Then run transaction ST22 and check the dumps with the corresponding time stamp. Then follow the normal procedure to create a message for the ABAP dump that occurred.

"MessageClass": "BW_BICS_INA",
"Text": "500 SAP Internal Server Error"
 "Text": "CL_BICS_INA_PROC_DATA_F4======CP"

2319462 - INA: Dump in CL_BICS_INA_PROC_DATA_F4

Service cannot be reached - 404 error 

In case the startup URL differs from UI5 basis URL e.g., /sap/bc/ui2/flp#AnalyticQuery-analyze?XQUERY=2 then many resource URLs will result in 404 errors. The root cause are wrong generated URLs starting with /sap/resources like this one e.g.:


This issue is fixed with BW comonent 7.50 SP 4.

Using the Prompt functionality resets filters 

There is a known issue where using the prompt functionality after the report is loaded can cause filters to reset and therefore the Crosstab and Charts will show different breakdowns than before the prompt was called.

Date format in variable prompt

As 750 SP 3 the variable prompt allows the entering of dates in the user locale format.

In older versions there are 2 workarounds:

1. Enter the keys in internal ABAP format (YYYYMMDD) e.g., 20161224
2. Use the search and select the member from there.

ABAP Alias Support

Using ABAP aliases leads to 404 errors because of wrong URLs. This is implemented with 7.50 SP 4.

Javascript Console messages


The error message is shown in the application error log and can also be found in the response of INA HTTP request /sap/bw/ina/GetResponse in node messages.

This error means that the query is searched in the wrong system and usually comes up if you have a distributed system landscape with a frontend system running FIORI, a backend system containing the queries and a webdispatcher for routing.

In browser debugger look for the response of INA HTTP request /sap/bw/ina/GetServerInfo

In the response of this service see the SystemID and check if the system is your expected backend system. If not, the webdispatcher configuration is incorrect.


See SAP Note 2106016 and check the webdispatcher configuration. If this note does not solve the issue, please open an incident on component BC-CST-WDP to get help configuring your webdispatcher the right way.


The application sap.zen.dsh.fioriwrapper has errors and will possibly not run properly. -  sap.zen.dsh.fioriwrapper

This is not a severe error - please ignore.

Load failures of *-preload.js files

failed to load Javascript resource: sap/zen/dsh/fioriwrapper/Component-preload.js

This is not an error - please ignore.

Variable merge not supported

Design Studio runtime in S4 and SFIN does not support the merging of variables.

This can have the effect that variables with the same name from different queries are show twice. This is not a bug.

Searching INA HTTP request for this kind of JSON data will reveal where the variable come from:

"DataSource": {
"ObjectName": "/ERP/FCLM_LP_BPC_4711",
"Type": "Query",
"Description": "Planning Status",
"Variables": [{
"Name": "0P_FCLM_LP_PLAN_BLA",

Javascript error  sap.ui.table.DataTable is not a constructor

A JavaScript error occurred. sap.ui.table.DataTable is not a constructor TypeError: sap.ui.table.DataTable is not a constructor     at 
https://host:port:44380/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/ushell/resources/~20160504081100~/sap/zen/dsh/rt/all.js:27531:3)     at create (https://host:port:44380/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/ushell/resources/~20160504081100~/sap/zen/dsh/rt/all.js:26892:36)     at createAndAdd (https://host:port:44380/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/ushell/resources/~20160504081100~/sap/zen/dsh/rt/all.js:17155:50)     at createControl (https://host:port:44380/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/ushell/resources/~20160504081100~/sap/zen/dsh/rt/all.js:16683:16)     at dispatchCreateControl 


The background is that UI5 1.38 has moved the sap.ui.table.DataTable.

Old Design Studio Runtimes in SAP BW component < 750 SP 2 are not compatible to this or newer UI5 version anymore.

Best solution:

Update SAP_BW component to 750 SP 04 or even better SP 05 as they contain many Design Studio fixes.

Other solution:

Configure the UI addon so that an older version 1.36 is used in this scenario.

TODO: figure out how to do this

Application 0ANALYSIS could not be loaded,
404 error [Resource not found for segment 'BiApplication']

This error can occur when this kind of odata request loading template 0ANALYSIS is fired:


We concentrate on the 0ANALYSIS standard template SAP delivers with S/4. It could be any other template used in your Fiori application.


  • Make sure that the 0ANALYSIS template (or any other) is available i.e. activated in your system.

Fire this request in a browser with an admin user. It returns all Design Studio templates visible for your user:


If 0ANALYSIS is not inside, then make sure that the template is activated.

  •  2. Template installation

Ensure the latest version of 0ANALYSIS is active in the table RSAOOBJ (SE16).  Verify that the content time stamp CONTTIMESTMP is the same for the A (active) and D (development) version of 0ANALYSIS. The documentation of transaction RSOR explains how to install BI content.

Finally fire the BiApplicationSet URL again with the admin user and make sure that the template is now listed.

  • User authorization

Now fire this URL with your FIori user:


If it does not return the template properties, then your ABAP user does not have sufficient authorizations to read Analysis Applications.

Please read the Design Studio Netweaver Administration guide ( especially the chapter about authorizations (S_RS_ZEN)

  • Other root causes

Apply note 2353720 - Error "Resource not found for segment

In case the response of the odata call in the browser shows error messages like this one:

error xmlns="">
<message xml:lang="en">
RFC Error: User misses authorization object S_RFCACL in target system

then please ask your administrator to apply configuration changes.

https:/host:xyzFILTER.BAR.CLASSIC/. Cross origin requests

This might happen in every browser like in this example IE fails starting Design Studio. Opening the F12 developer tools and choosing Break on Unhandled Exceptions the debugger might stop here:

IE Debugger with Break on Unhandled Exceptions

The watches window shows an exception. The property exception.stack
"Error: Invalid argument.\n at (https://host:8118/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/ushell/resources/~20160629082000~/sap/ushell_abap/bootstrap/abap.js:2:5456)\n
at processSynchronization (eval code:270:2882)\n
at processSyncAction (eval code:163:1354)\n at processHttpRequest (eval code:259:565)\n
at call (eval code:1321:861)\n
at parseContributionXml (eval code:1222:1074)\n
at getSDKRoot (eval code:1294:2924)\n at loadSdkExtension (eval code:1294:1240)\n
at createObjectInternal (eval code:1210:752)\n
at createObject (eval code:1210:326)"

templateLoader.url = "FILTER.BAR.CLASSIC"

In Chrome the app might start but show this kind of error in the developer console (F12):

XMLHttpRequest cannot load https:/host:8118FILTER.BAR.CLASSIC/. Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome, chrome-extension, https, chrome-extension-resource.

The issue is caused by an SFin application. SFin created/update their template in a new Design Studio version although application is still running on an older version. Typically, it occurs in BW 7.50 SP3. An upgrade to SP4 is necessary. SAP Note 2334567 references this issue.


The root cause is a mismatch of the used analysis template and the Design Studio runtime. To find out the used analysis template name s. trouble shooting section below. In the concrete case above the FILTERBAR control had to be renamed with a newer Design Studio version. This is most likely the new name and the old Design Studio runtime without the renamed component.

https://host:xyzFILTER.BAR/. Cross origin requests

This error is the opposite of the previous one: the design Studio template is newer than the Design Studio runtime, the mimes. The root cause is most likely that the mimes like JS files are loaded from a gateway server with an older SAP_BW component and the Design Studio template is loaded from an ABAP backend with a newer SAP_BW component. 


Run the verification step in note 2106016.


The search function in prompt screen does not work or shows a hierarchical representation of the member values.

This error can occur when there are variables on characteristics which are displayed hierarchically in the application. The variable values still should be shown non-hierarchical.

This error can occur when there are no texts maintained for the characteristic.


This issue can be fixed with SAP NOTE 2312713 - Design Studio correction for sFIN SP15 Patch 1

Entering local format values for date variables in prompt screen and pressing ok throws: "Error when setting variable structure"

 This error occurs when a member for date variables is set in local date formats via direct input.


The issue is fixed with SAP BW 7.50 SP3.

If an upgrade to SAP BW 7.50 is not possible, you can use one of the following workarounds:

  1. enter the date value in internal ABAP format YYYYMMDD
  2. use the search functionality and select a value from there

Variable screen does not show up in Query Browser

This is caused by a URL parameter newBW=true. You can remove this URL parameter and test again starting this URL directly in the browser.  If the variable dialog shows up then this bug is fixed with S4 Wave 15 (S4_9).


HTTP Traces

Use Fiddler as an HTTP sniffer not Chrome network tools to analyze. Fiddler will show all requests "really" sent to the server and not the one served from browser cache (unlike HAR file).

Important in case you only see tunnel requests in Fiddler check this how-to.

Find out the template that is used in the erroneous report

Start Chrome or IE and use the network developer tool to record the HTTP requests during startup of the URL.

Find this kind of request. The name of the template is specified at the end of the URL path:

http://<server>:<port>/sap/opu/odata/sap/RSAO_ODATA_SRV/BiApplicationSet( <template-name>)

Find out the version number of the Design Studio runtime

Especially in splited scenarios with a separate gateway server, one of the most common errors is that the Design Studio runtime comes from the gateway instead from the backend server.

In this way you can compare the Design Studio runtime version from gateway server and backend:

Fire the following URLs in a browser:

a) https://gateway:port/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/ushell/resources/sap/zen/dsh/rt/all-dbg.js

b)  https://backend:port/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/ushell/resources/sap/zen/dsh/rt/all-dbg.js


The host must be the real host of the server not the web dispatcher!



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