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Upcoming Workshops*

DateLocationCourse languageRegistration viaPrice
May 03 - 06, 2022
Virtual Classroom Training only (Region: Asia/Pacific / AWST - Australian Western Standard Time)EnglishWeb form€ 2.900 (Euro)
May 31 - June 03, 2022
Virtual Classroom Training only (Region: Americas / CDT - Central Daylight Time North America) English Web form€ 2.900 (Euro)

 * Germany & Worldwide

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Course Details

Course Length
  • 4 days
Target Audience:
  • SAP customers
  • SAP Partners
  • SAP employees
Course Goals
  • This course will prepare you to configure the POS Data Transfer & Audit environment in SAP Customer Activity Repository (SAP CAR)
    • interface, collect, enrich and audit incoming data from point-of-sale systems (POS)
    • Prepare the data for near realtime reporting
    • Supply other solutions with the data, like ERP, F&R, …
  • It will also provide an insight on the various deployment options in SAP CAR
Course Content
  • Overview and architecture of CAR POS DTA
  • Interface options for POS inbound processing
  • Sales Audit using the POS Workbench
  • Customizing for POS Data Transfer & Audit
  • TLOGF in Reporting
  • Reporting using the content for POS Analytics
  • Data distribution via flexible outbound processing
  • Flexible master data check
  • Two step outbound processing
  • Integration with Retail applications like SAP Retail, SAP F&R, DDF timeseries
  • Over/Short balancing
  • Reporting in CAR and SAP POS Data
  • CAR POS data transfer and audit delta to SAP POS DM
Software Components
  • SAP CARAB - SAP Customer Activity Repository – POS data transfer & audit
  • (SAP NetWeaver BW_CONT 7.07 or higher)
  • (SAP POS Data Management 1.0)
  • The solution and exercise content for this training will focus on deploying POS Data Transfer and Audit in SAP Customer Activity Repository
  • The focus of this workshop is providing early access to important information using  early course material instead of using detailed course binders
  • The course material is available in English only
  • This workshop covers the technology as well as the business background. POS processes are integrated to functions in inventory management, financial controlling, sales and distribution
  • This workshop mainly deals with POS DTA-specific customizing settings, only a minor part deals with data modeling. However, integration aspects and in-memory reporting will also be discussed.
  • Topics not covered: Introduction into basic concepts of POS data processing, mapping, archiving
  • Methods: Presentations by SAP consultants (POS Data Transfer & Audit, CAR), system demonstrations, hands-on exercises, discussions

    For further information, please contact

    Christina Huber
    Phone: +49 6227 7 71493