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Here you can find information on database performance for SAP systems running on Oracle.
The information includes concept papers clarifying the performance topic as well as best practice papers containing recommendations for performance optimization.

Using SAP NetWeaver with Oracle Database: 12c Automatic Data Optimization and Information Lifecycle Management

This document describes the necessary steps to implement automatic data optimization, information lifecycle management, and hybrid columnar compression with row-level locking for SAP products based on SAP NetWeaver.

Optimized Loading into the F-Fact Table

This presentation is a discussion of how to optimize loading into the F-fact table for SAP Business Warehouse.

Configuration Overview Command

This presentation from the 2013 German Oracle Users Conference (DOAG) discusses the configuration overview command from the SAP Oracle script collection.

SAP Service Tools for Performance Analysis

This presentation from the 2013 German Oracle Users Conference (DOAG) describes SAP service tools for performance analysis with an Oracle database.

Oracle LGWR Analysis

This presentation from the 2012 German Oracle Users Conference (DOAG) provides a detailed analysis of the Oracle log writer, including case studies, scenarios, and scripts.

Oracle 11g - Ten Less Popular Features
This presentation from the 2011 German Oracle Users Conference (DOAG) focuses on the less popular new features and some minor changes in Oracle 11g that are good to know in SAP environments.

SQL Commands for Lock, Fragmentation and Index Compression Analysis
This presentation from the 2010 German Oracle Users Conference (DOAG) offers additional SQL scripts to monitor Oracle databases by analyzing lock, fragmentation, and index compression.

Oracle CBO Cost Calculation
This presentation from the Oracle German Users Conference (DOAG) discusses how the Oracle cost-based optimizer (CBO) works, including detailed examples.

Oracle 10g Performance Case Studies
This presentation from the German Oracle Users Conference (DOAG) looks at some case studies in performance analysis using the Oracle 10g database.

Oracle Bind Variables
This paper is a detailed discussion of Oracle bind variables, including the advantages and disadvantages of this approach and alternatives to it.

Update Statistics for the Oracle Cost-Based Optimizer
The cost-based optimizer (CBO) is an essential component for improving Oracle database performance. It uses statistics describing database objects and the distribution of data within them. Statistics on data distribution help identify which data is the most selective. This SAP whitepaper describes how update statistics work with the Oracle Cost-Based Optimizer.

Faster Oracle DB Access for R3SZCHK - SAP Note 1047369
We've reduced the typical runtime of R3szchk from several hours to a few minutes by reworking the database access routines, which are used to find the space requirements of tables, indexes, and LOBs. R3szchk no longer requires statistics created with BRCONNECT. However, if the statistics are available, R3szchk automatically uses them to more accurately calculate the space requirements of LOBs and indexes - without noticeably taking any extra time.

The CBO and its Optimism About Cardinalities
This paper discusses how cardinality (the number of rows estimated by the Oracle Cost-Based Optimizer for each step of the execution plan) can significantly impact complex queries.

Analyzing SQL Statement with the SQL ID Data Collector
This presentation describes how SQL statement tuning can improve database performance.


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