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The information on this page is valid for all SAP applications which agree with the General Support Statement for Virtual Environments (see SAP Note 1492000).
For a general overview on the support of SAP Applications, Operating Systems, and Databases in Virtual and Private Cloud Environments, see also Support of SAP Components.

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SAP Notes Related to INxHY

InformationWhere to find
Key Notes  
  • 1492000: General Support Statement for Virtual Environments    Must Read 
  • 1650076: DB2 z/OS: SAP on IBM zEnterprise(TM) BladeCenter Extension
Windows in Virtual Environments
  • 1409608: Virtualization on Windows
  • 1409604: Virtualization on Windows: Enhanced Monitoring
  • 1612283: Hardware Configuration Standards and Guidance
  • 1374671: High Availability in Virtual Environment on Windows
  • 1678705: Installation scenarios for a standalone ASCS instance
  • 1580509: Windows editions supported by SAP
  • 2327159: SAP NetWeaver License Behavior in Virtual and Cloud Environments
Linux in Virtual Environments
  • 1122387: Linux: SAP Support in virtualized environments
  • 1102124: SAPOSCOL on Linux: Enhanced function

Supported SAP Applications

With the General Support Statement for Virtual Environments, SAP supports all applications and components - except BWA and SAP ITS 6.20 - on a proven stack of INxHY, operating system and database. Check SAP Note 1492000 for prerequisites and conditions of support.

Supported Guest Operating Systems by SAP

For IBM's support information on supported hardware, hypervisor, guest OS and database versions, check SAP Note 1650076.
For the Windows guest operating system, check additionally the prerequisites and supported guest OS versions listed in SAP Note 1409608.

Supported Databases

The table below provides a short overview on supported databases with INxHY; see also SAP Note 1650076.

Hypervisor DatabaseINxHY
IBM DB2 LUWsupported (*1)
SAP MaxDB, livecachesupported (*1)
Microsoft SQL Servernot supported
Oracle Databasenot supported
SAP HANAnot supported
SAP ASEsupported (*1)

(*1) for support details, see SAP Note 1650076.

Further Information About InxHY

For information related to the zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension (zBX), see


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