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Is some model from AT ("Agencia Tributaria", Spanish Tax Authority) covered?

The Spanish Tax Autthorites (AT) can request a large amount of models. (From 030 to 390). 
The list of the models covered by SAP is available at the following list.  
There are other reports that can be used as a base, to construct out of SAP, the print layout to be sent to the Tax Authorities.

How to update VATDATE in Spanish Companies as of 01.01.2021?

As explained in article 2987924 SAP guideline to use VATDATE (Tax Report Date) for "periodo de liquidación" as of 01.01.2021 is also valid for Spanish Companies not subject to SII.

Will some new legal change be covered? SII?

Read note 2308484  "Find Announcement of Legal Change application". It will redirect you to the most recent information about new topics, such as SII (Suministro Inmediato de Información).
(SAP is aware of the last announcement made in the "Consejo de Ministros" on Friday 02.12.2016 and about Real Decreto 596/2016 published on December 6th on BOE number 294. However,  Ministerial order with the content of the registers has not been published yet. Some details of the planned solution (to be availabe not earlier than May 1, 2017) are detailed in note 2409025.

Has the so called "Asiento de cierre y apertura" have to be posted?

Read KBA 2370619 

How to post triangular deal postings at transaction FB70 

Read KBA 2306103 

How to deal with VAT rates rises in Spain

 Read KBA  1460620


How is the "Equalization Tax" (Recargo de equivalencia) reported in VAT books for Spain.


Read KBA 2235915 

Will SAP cover "circular 4/2012" from Banco de España?


What is VAT date and model 340

Read this blog published in 2009. Other  sources for further help are listed here.

Why DUA isn´t updated in the file from RFIDESM340?

It isn´t covered. SAP customers are updating this information manually in the file, aslong as it deals with data not saved in the SAP system.

Why RFIDESM340 doesn´t provide with the Other Intracommunitaries operation book, and Investment books?

It is out of the scope of RFIDESM340. There isn´t an SAP report for Other intracommunitaries operation book, and investment books

It was published in the attachment of the first note (1304756) that SAP delivered when model 340 was created on 2009.

How to deal with Vat on Cash

Read Note 1959352 . 

Deferred taxes program: RFUMSV25 versus RFUMSV50

Limitations of reports RFUMSV25 and RFUMSV50, were listed on SAP note 1959352, under the "RESTRICTIONS" section.
Then, note 1979386 provided RFUMSV50 with an additional feature: Note 1979386 enabled RFUMSV50 to process non-deductible taxes. 
However, additional features released for RFUMSV50, won´t be added to RFUMSV25. It is explained in note 2074813 .

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