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Report RFASLD11B provides with the txt file for Model 349 (EC Sales list)

Start checking if there are missing notes in your system

To analyze an error message from Spanish Specific report RFASLD11B:

1) See if there are missing notes: To check it, click on the error to open the "Performance Asssistant" pop up, Then, click on the "binoculars+ sheet " icon. It will start the automatic "SAP Notes/Search KBAs"  (PANKS).  

2) If the mentioned icon (sheet + binoculars) is not available,  run transaction ANST for program RFASLD11B, and read the log from transaction ANST.  

Notes released in the last 6 moths:

3051387 ES: EC Sales list (RFASLD11B) Dump TABLE_INVALID_INDEX

3040772 ES EC Sales List - Performance Improvement

2895000 ES: RFASLD11B incorrect corrections handling
2934271 ES: RFASLD11B Selects Reversal Documents For Rebates

3007566  BREXIT: Spanish EC Sales List (RFASLD11B) Report
2960080 ES ECSL - Enablement usage of sales/purchases groups
2974908 ES ECSL - Enablement Usage of Sales/Purchases Groups - Prerequisite DDIC Objects

2934965 ES EC Sales List and Rebates Pre-Processing - Hard Coded Reference Source Invoice Line Item 001

Make sure that the relevant notes are applied in your system.

Unexpected Data or behavior

If documents posted to some tax code aren´t selected by the report, check if the definition of such a VAT code is as explained in note  1619948  
If error FR596 is displayed, and the file for model 349 can´t be generated. Read KBA 2186833: (There is a table called RFASLD11B "history table", that is updated internally when the report RFASLD11B is run in "Update run mode"). The previous entries in this table, as long as the information in the field "Invoice ref." BSEG-REBZG are relevant for the right information of the correction invoices in the file. 

If there is some mismatching output from EC Sales List (RFASLD11B) versus RFUMSV00, read KBA 2159194
If the file is incomplete at the header record, and refused by AT (Tax Authorities), read KBA 2320009
In case of wrong treatment of correcting invoices that were posted in SD: Check if customer function SDVFX002 (EXIT_SAPLV60B_002) is affecting the value of   BSEG-REBZG as explained in KBA 2009346.  (The way to link a rectification to the original invoice is  via BSEG-REBZG. The value expected at BSEG-REBZG is the original invoice number). 
If there is an unexpected balance for a customer having credit memos, read KBA 2549498.

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