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Common Issues relating to Solution Directory (SV-SMG-OP)

How To

  • How to change the display order/sequence of tabs in the transaction SOLMAN_WORKCENTER - Refer to 2177256 

  • How to change the leading role for a solution - Refer to 2129061 

  • How to add a non-productive type system in a solution for use in EWA, SLR, Monitoring [VIDEO]  - Refer to 2060551  

  • How to get history for Business Process Check in / Check out - There is no standard report to achieve this. However check-out/check-in information is stored in the following tables:
    SADIR_CH_OUT_OBJ (stores data bout the requester, approver, time stamps,...),
    You can create your own reports based on this data

  • How to Register System and Solution at SAP: A Troubleshooting Guide - SM 7.0 Refer to 1635897

  • How to Register Systems and Solutions at SAP: A Troubleshooting Guide - SM 7.1 - Refer to 1794131

  • How to Register Systems at SAP: A Troubleshooting Guide - SM7.2 - Refer to 2420204

  • Technical prerequisites for service delivery in SAP Solution Manager 7.2:  2253047

  • How to delete solutions in Solution Manager 7.2 - Refer to 2375895

  • How to extract details of all logical components in Solution Manager - Refer to 2548140

  • How to Find a Service Order in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 - Refer to 2478967

 Dumps & Errors

  • Dump of type MOVE_CAST_ERROR / CL_DSMOP_BSP_NOTI_MODEL=======CP / Application Component  SV-SMG-OP - Refer to 1963279
  • Short dump occurs while executing job SM:SYNC ISSUES / CALL_FUNCTION_REMOTE_ERROR / Function module "BAPI_BUSPROCESSND_GETLIST" not found - Refer to 2375853 
  • Job SM:SYNCHRONIZE USER DATA FOR NOTIFICATION aborts with Exception condition "CUSTOMIZING_NOT_FOUND" - Refer to 1910002 
  • SOLUTION_TRANSFER import error regarding the file name is invalid or the file is too large - Refer to 1997450 
  • SOLMAN_WORKCENTER is showing a browser error - Refer to 1849174
  • SOLMAN_DIRECTORY folders could not be created in scenario. Message no. AI_DIRECTORY109.- Refer to 1834337
  • Exception "CX_AGS_ESD_SERVICE_PLAN" on RDSWPCISERVICEPLAN - Refer to 2266993
  • The command could not be performed when trying to access EWA from the Work Center - Refer to 1941802
  • Error: Instruction failed (2) occurred when open the solution on the System Monitoring - Refer to 1941802
  • Job SM:REFRESH ENTRYSCREEN cancels on Solution Manager 7.2 - Refer to 2541071
  • No data when using MASS_MAN_MONITORING from ST13 - Refer to 1956932 

Performance & Job related issues

  • Long running worker processes - INCON_EXT_ATTR_IS_PERSIST - Refer to 1984230 
  • Solution Manager is reporting Job SM:SURVEY TRANSFER is not scheduled in self diagnosis tool. However, it is in fact scheduled when checking in SM37 - Refer to 2139429 
  • Solution Repository is inconsistent in Self Diagnosis - Job SM:REMOVE INCONSISTENCIES has no errors  - Refer to 1876314
  • Performance related issue with regards to Job SM:SYNC SOLMAN INFO - Refer to 2411310
  • Exception CX_SY_REF_IS_INITIAL occurred on the job SM:SYNC SOLMAN INFO - Refer to 2416587
  • SM:SYNC SOLMAN INFO exception UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION - Refer to  2491562
  • Graphic view hangs in Workcenter SAP Engagement and Service Delivery of Solution Manager - Refer 1995740

Other Issues

  • BP_GEN is showing the message user does not have RFC authorization for function group SZAK - Refer to 1965810 
  • RDSWP_REP_ISSUE to generate a summary on an Issue or Top Issue and the MS Word file is empty - Refer to 1985357 
  • When deleting an inactive solution, the message "At least one solution could not be deleted because not all assigned objects are completed" is shown - Refer to 2006968
  • When you try to delete a Solution with report RDSMOPDELETESOLUTIONS a message "Deletion of solution canceled" is shown (DSMOP162) - Refer to 2045121 
  • You want to change the default solution from SAP Solution to another solution - Refer to 2268602 
  • After upgrading to 7.1 SPS 12, some solutions are missing from the Work Center - Engagement and Service Delivery tab - Refer to 2049793
  • SAP system not in the EWA setup list - Refer to 1953327 
  • You would like to have only solution data from productive systems send data to SAP - Refer to 1886771 
  • Unable to delete solutions in Solution Manager 7.2 - Refer to 2375895
  • EWA Not generated for NW AS 7.51  (NW AS ABAP INNOVATION PACKAGE) - Refer to 2531984
  • "Solution SAP Solution already exists and cannot be modified" in step "Specify Solution" of Basic Configuration - Refer to 2033281
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