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The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of the system logic and requirements in relation to report-report interface (RRI), when you jump to a target with Goto.


The report-report interface (RRI) allows you to call a jump target from a BEx query executed in Analysis. You can use the RRI to jump from the executed query (sender) to another report (receiver) containing more information. You can call targets in BW systems and beyond.

You can use the report-report interface to call targets that you have defined in your query. To be able to call the targets from executed queries, you must define the targets for the query with the sender/receiver assignment. The sender/receiver assignment is defined in transaction RSBBS in the BW system.

Transaction RSBBS

In Analysis, you can assign the following receivers:

  • Query
    • If you call a query with Goto, a new workbook is opened with the query.
  • Web address
  • The following targets are opened in the web browser:
    • ABAP transaction. The transaction must be classified for using SAP GUI for HTML.
    • ABAP Report
    • BEx Web Application (3.x and 7.0)
    • Crystal Report
    • Xcelsuis dashboard

To make the described RRI, you will need first to confirm that you fulfill the requirements of the SAP note 1739153 – “SAP BW Backend requirements for Analysis Office 1.3 or higher”.

For the assignment you will need to go to transaction RSBBS:

Select the query (sender):

Click to create:

On “Target System” area, you will select the target system. You can choose to jump to the same system that you are working or for a different one.

On “Report Type” area, you will choose the target report type that you will jump to. You can choose to jump to:

  • BW Query
  • BEx Web Application
  • BW 3.x Web Application
  • Crystal Report
  • BW XCelsius
  • Infoset Query
  • Transaction
  • ABAP Report
  • Web Address
  • Analysis for Office
  • Or to a specific document:
      • Attached Documents (via ArchiveLink)
      • Data Overviews from E-Recruiting
      • Data Overviews from Succession Planning
      • Employee Profile
      • Messages for Check Result
      • BWATR Object

On “Report”, you will choose the target Query or Object.

Click to apply and so you will define the target for the report-to-report jump (RRI).

Now, when you open your sender query, you will be able to right click and select “go to”

So you will be able to jump to the target query:

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