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Operations described here are valid for both SAP Solution Manager 7.1 (SP12 and above) and 7.2

Your script requires a variable with the "today" date

  1. Open the EEM Editor on the script requiring the variable
  2. Right click and choose "Insert Message"
  3. Select the newly created step, and go to the Message Properties / General section
  4. Choose the Message Type: Command (this gives the possibility to choose a command to execute)
  5. Choose the Command: Assign (this gives the possibility to set a variable)

  6. In the Parameters section, indicate:
    1. variable: the name of the variable
    2. expression: the value to give to the variable.
      Here, you can enter an expression that will be evaluated at the script execution runtime.
      Example: for the current date, you can enter: now.format("MM.dd.yyyy")
  7.  Select the message requiring the variable and replace the static value with the newly created variable token: \{myTodayDate\}
    Example for a POST parameter:


 Hint: display the command help by clicking the Help button



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