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This page lists known issues with Embedded Analysis in S4/Hana. The version numbers as e.g. 1608 contain the year and the month of the cloud release, in this case Aug. 2016.


Could not open app. Please try again later. [occuring in 1608, 1611]

This issue only happens in Internet Explorer (IE) not in Chrome. When preview a report in S4/Hana this error message is shown:

IE Debugger with Break on handled Exceptions shows this error:

Object doesn't support property or method 'endsWith'

loadJS [Line: 1187, Col: 210], all.js
loadBuiltinZtl [Line: 1288, Col: 1742], all.js

loadZtlJs [Line: 1397, Col: 446], all.js
loadSdkExtension [Line: 1360, Col: 2740], all.js
createObjectInternal [Line: 1276, Col: 752], all.js
createObject [Line: 1276, Col: 326], all.js

SOLUTION: The issue is fixed with cloud delivery 1702.

A workaround is to use Chrome instead of IE.


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