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  • February 1st 2017:    We are starting with the "Call for papers".
                                      - All #EarlyBirdSessionSuggestion speakers will be auto-registered as participant (or get access to a reserved ticket)
  • √  February 10th 2017:   Registration for participants is open for #sitFRA (since 11:45am (CET) 
                                                                                              \__ sold-out  

 (50 seats for participants were all taken until 2:15 pm   - we double checked that we didn't get hacked. Thank you all for your community spirit.)
  25 speaker tickets are covered by the suggested sessions and AccessCodes will be send out within the next days)

  • √  March 1st 2017:      Agenda fixing for SAPInsideTrack Frankfurt  ( Speakers will be informed )
  • √  March 22th 2017:    Agenda online
  • March 24th 2017:      UI5con Frankfurt (link)
  • March 25th 2017:      SAPInsideTrack Frankfurt  


Here we are .. back again:
  The 2017 edition of "SAP Inside Track in Frankfurt"
  will be on  March 25th 2017 (Saturday)

SAP Inside Track Frankfurt a.M. / March 25th 2017 


What is an SAPInsideTrack?

An SAP Inside Track is a community event, open for all people from the SCN-Community  (Customers, Consultants and Freelancers). 
No matter if you are a developer, business consultant or an architect.
The event is fully organized by peers from the community.. and YOU are able to influence the agenda.

Have a look at all the review blogs of previous SAPInsideTracks 2015 to get into the right mood.. and register yourself afterwards.

Use hash tag  #sitFRA on Twitter to share ideas. Spread the news and follow the updates!


Saturday, March 25th 2017        
Registration opens at 08:30
Sessions start at  09:30  and end at approx.  18:00/19:00
We are going to have a chill-in and chill-out in a local pub the evening before and after. 


Germany: Frankfurt a.M. (Hesse)
Location:  AOK Systems Office in Frankfurt-Rödelheim  

(just a 2 minute-walk from train station  Rödelheim , easy to reach with rapid transit from Frankfurt Main Station (9 minutes ride))
More details ... see section "Map


For SCN community members (both consultants and customers) who want to share or catch-up on their knowledge.

      • Share what you love by holding a session.
      • Be curious to hear about new things & new insights and participate.

Special ABAP track

We'll have a special ABAP track at sitFRA 2017. Our dear programming language is far from dead. It's alive and kicking! With ABAP 7.4 and 7.5 many new features where added to the language making it more productive and more fun to use. ABAP in Eclipse proves to be a notable improvement bringing real refactoring capabilities to the ABAP world, easy use of Unit Tests and much more..

ABAP is not dead

On the one hand with S/4HANA and the S/4 programming model including technologies like CDS, Push Channels, BOPF, BRF+, Gateway, Fiori Elements (note how we didn't say HANA (wink) ups..) the road of ABAP to the Future becomes clear and on the other hand with the ABAP developer edition free for download and abapGit as an easy to use option to share ABAP code with the community via Github (or other git repositories) the ABAP community itself is more vibrant than ever.

We'll have ABAP specialists from SAP on site (Jasmin Gruschke, Jens Weiler, Thomas Fiedler to name some) which will give us an overview into the current state of ABAP affairs and an maybe an outlook of what might come. Furthermore community rockstars like Christian Drumm, Uwe Fetzer, our very own Tobias Trapp and many more will talk about all things ABAP.

Be part of the sitFRA ABAP track and submit Your ABAP session now!

Session suggestions (Call for Papers:   #EarlyBird (closed)   #LateBird (open)

Here YOU have the chance to add value and pay forward: host a session at SAP Inside Track in Frankfurt. 
Share your experience and/or initiate a discussion and take new insights back home. Please note that all sessions are supposed to last at most 30 minutes! If your session is shorter, you don't need to blow it up, please feel free to add it. If your session will need some more time, add your session and mention it.  We will figure out how to handle it. 
If you have any questions or are unsure about how to do it:   Contact us  ... contact data to be found at the bottom of this page. 

If your session is accepted, your ticket is guaranteed! 

Speaker name: First Last

Bio:  SCN, XING, LinkedIn...

Title:   Try to make it Twitter-length compliant (wink) 

Abstract: should contain between 300-1000 characters to describe the session content.  (Very helpful for the participants to know what to expect)

Type of Session: Lecture/Demo (30 min) is our standard format. (Mention if you think you need less/more time)

Contact details: Enter your email address for further contact by using the link to the GoogleForm (not into the WIKI directly for privacy reasons)

Session suggestions for #sitFRA #EarlyBirdsSection (closed at the day when participant registration opened )

We are going to build an agenda and inform the speakers (planned March 1st).
All the early suggestions enable us to plan this day based on interesting content. 

(The #LateBirdsSection is still open till end of February. Please scroll down for the open table)

Speaker nameBioTitleAbstractKeywordsSlides / Source Code
Christian BraukmüllerXingSAP Basis goes GIT / Consistency vs. Creativity

Let's have a look to an evergreen topic.. the SAPKernel and the SAPProfiles ... the platform for all Netweaver products.

Doing SysOps with Kernel and Profileparameters - instead of freestyle administration driven by incidents.

SAPBasis, Kernel,


Soumyasanto SenLinkedinDemystifying Artificial Intelligence Information Technology

Exploring the future of Artificial Intelligence in data driven Analytics.

Understanding simple predictive approaches and business use cases with the various Machine Learning algorithms.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is currently one of the hottest AI technologies. Let's explore the opportunity of using them in business.

Let's think beyond the stories on AI and start jump into the reality.

AI, NLP, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Analytics 
Uwe FetzerSCNABAP Magic

Combining IoT Devices, ABAP Push Channels, ABAP Message Channels, asynchronous RFC and Webdynpro ABAP to do things the way you may be surprised ...
(no slides, just code and some magic)


What is HTTP Long Polling?

ABAP Freak Show: June 3, 2009


Dataflow Overview

Use devices:

Abdel Dadouche && Vitaliy Rudnytskiy

SAP HANA && SAP HANA Vora - yin and yang of SAP Data ManagementWe will help you to understand what is what, how developers can start with each, and how HANA and Vora complement each otherSAP HANA, SAP HANA Vora, Developers, Big Data, in-memory, Hadoop etc etc etc 
Lucia Subatin && Craig Cmehil

HANA Express EditionPushing the installation boundaries in search for the most cost-effective solution. Walking through the different ways to install HXE depending on the requirements and how to get the most from the platform.SAP HANA, SAP HANA Express, Cloud Platforms. 
Twan van den HANA Cloud Platform

Finding ABAP.

HANA swims around for quite some time in the big open sea. Where is she heading? What about her parents Neo and ABAP? Follow her journey where she is facing several challenges. Also discover your role in this movie. Is it #MakeABAPgreatAgain or #CustomerFirst? What knowledge do you need or what friends will help you surviving in the big open sea?

SAP Cloud Platform 
Volker StöfflerLinkedIn | SCN | SQL Anywhere ForumSQL Anywhere - your flight mode database server

This is a live and interactive version of my SCN blog with the same title. It's an introduction to the capabilities and characteristics of SAP SQL Anywhere, a standard compliant and full feature (including OLAP SQL) database server running on lightweight hardware (starting with Raspberry Pi) and workplace computers to server machines (workgroups, small enterprises), supplemented by a deployment option for embedded systems like smart sensors for IoT scenarios.

I'll be able to cut the subject down to 30 minutes but would appreciate more time.

SQL, SQL Anywhere, database, workplace, workgroupReferences
Volker StöfflerLinkedIn | SCN | SQL Anywhere ForumSAP IQ - Business Intelligence and vertical data processing with 8 GB RAM or less

SAP IQ is a HANA companion for Smart Data Access / Integration and SAP BW NLS, to keep data way beyond memory limits accessible. But it also is a full-blown data warehouse system of its own, with column oriented data storage and powerful analytics capabilities. It can scale up to the world's largest data warehouse and down to desktop or notebook computers. This session is intended to show the benefits and capabilities of the vertical data structures used inside and their impact on high performance processing and parallel execution of Business Intelligence style queries. See also this SCN blog post.

I'll be able to cut the subject down to 30 minutes but would appreciate more time.

SQL, SAP IQ, database, data warehouse, business intelligence, world record, petabytes 
Martin Fischer, Christian Drumm

Martin - SCN

Christian - SCN

Update your Developer Skills for the digital disruptionSuprise Session  
Christian DrummChristian - SCNABAP 7.40+

Interesting and surprising features of ABAP that let you write code that doesn't quite look like ABAP anymore.

Just code no slides.
Andreas Gautsch



A dynamic approach to connect BRFplus and ABAP

BRFplus is more than a static rule engine. Beside a short introduction to BRFplus this session focus mainly on the API functions to dynamically call BRFplus functions from ABAP, of course with examples and a demo. 

Martin HofmannXingCodedeployment – bring your innovations fast to the end userHow to deal with this requierement of the Business.Retrofit, Codedeployment, Code Tracks 
Jens WeilerSCNABAP diary: What the heck is going on?As discussed above, there are good reasons for a special ABAP track... so let's talk about what's going on with the ABAP!ABAP, S/4 programming model, CDS, ... (to name only some) 
Christian Lechner & Tobias TrappChristian SCN, Christian TwitterABAP Development in time of S/4 - Do's and Dont's and Golden Rules for Simplification ABAP, S/4 Programming Model, Principle of OneSlides 
Daniel KollerLinkedInIoT-Applications based on LoRaWanWhat is LoRaWan, what you can do with it, plans in Rhein-Neckar region and a demoIoT, LoraWan, Demo, 
Lars HvamtwitterWeb applications using ABAPAn approach to modern(?) web applications without Cloud, without HANA, without UI5, and without oData/Gateway, but hosted and based on the ABAP application serverABAP, WebSlides
Daniel Ridder Xing



ABAP CDS - No Pain no GainI will talk about restrictions and unknown complexity you probably need to know when using CDS under NetWeaver 7.40 on Any DB. In contrast to this I will focus on features provided by higher NetWeaver releases getting more out of your daily abap coding using CDS.CDS, BOPF, Transactional REST-interfaces@Slideshare
Arndt SieburgXing, LinkedInSAP HANA Modeling with SAP BWMany Customers have SAP BW on HANA, but nobody is using the HANA platform at all. I can show the basic setup needed for HANA Security, User Management, Transports and basic Modeling with BW 7.5

SAP BW, SAP HANA, Data Warehousing

Fabian LehmannLinkedInFirst expierence with the new SAP HCP IoT Services based on CloudFoundry

Live Demo about the new SAP HCP IoT Services. Whats new in difference to the current release.

Key Functions, New Protocols, Architecture, ...

SAP HCP, SAP Leonardo, SAP IoT, SAP HCP Integration service (HCI), API, (SAP C4C) 


(info) New entries below, please.


Session suggestions for #sitFRA #LateBirdsSection (OPEN)
(You can add your suggestion here. As soon as we build the agenda we will have a closer look and might ask you if you like to come to the final agenda. Until then we can not guarantee that you are able to join. The room capacities are limited.
You can add a session even when you are already registered as a participant. This might free up a seat for someone on the waiting list.) 
Speaker nameBioTitleAbstractKeywords 
Tudor Riscutia, Ovidiu Hancila

Tudor Riscutia

Ovidiu Hancila

Microservices and onion architectureLike onions, microservices can make you cry . In this session, we will provide a short introduction to onion architecture (and a bit of domain-driven design) as microservices built on SAP HANA Cloud Platform. With the main focus on how to make the transition from “classic” on-premise ABAP development to state of the art cloud-based microservices in the context of SAP HANA Cloud Platform. SAP HCP, DDD, MSA, JEEContact data  

 Kati Fischer

Denise Nepraunig

  @ katarina.fischer


Gender & Knowledge Diversity in IT

Kati Talking about a pretty unknown type of Diversity called "Experiential Diversity". Why more and more companies do hire people that do not fit the job description.

How experiential diversity can add business value?

How can you make out of your different thinking and "lack" of knowledge a PRO for your job?

Possibilities on how to tap into IT (in case you have been in a functional area before), Hear Denise's story "From Secretary to Developer", and possibilities for the community to embrace diversity

 Diversity, Soft Skills


 Contact data 
 Kati Fischer  @ katarina.fischer  How is it to be an Introverted or extroverted?

Is it easier for extroverted than introverted people in business?  

I can tell the (funny) frustrating Things about Being An Extrovert.

 I would like to find out how much it influences our life and career. I will ask the question, are you an introvert or an extrovert? Myths About Introverts and Extroverts. Is it possible that I change from an introvert to an extrovert during my lifetime? Findings

 Diversity, Soft SkillsContact data  
     Contact data  
Martin Fischer



Scrum! But ...Some thoughts about Scrum in SAP ABAP projects and in big companiesScrum, agile, ABAPslides on slideshare
Karol Kalisz, Vitaliy Rudnytskiy



Mobile of People & Internet of Things: State of the UnionMobile devices are first-class citizens of Internet of Things today. Moving from human-to-human communication towards machine-to-human and further towards machine-to-machine. Today it is clear that IoT would not exist without Mobile technology. Trying to answer on the question “how the mobile technology must adjust to support IoT in delivering business value” and “how IoT has to support mobile technology to handle big data and real time insights – directly from the sensors to the user”. Year 2017 will bring new challenges and solutions.  IoT, mobile, communiation 
Guido  Brune@Genosse_BrunocomplexityPLUS
.... better among equals ...

Software Engineering is a cooperative process. Up to now all Business Modells like GmbH, AG or even Einzelunternehmung does not fullfill the needs of a software engineer.
In this session I will present a Business Modell based on cooperative which might be the answer on this issue.
The Basic idea is to build a outstanding organisation in order to develop Software among equals human beings.

Business modell, Software Engineering, Revolution, human beingsGuido Brune
Guido Brune@Genosse_BrunoWorlds of AgesIn session I will present a Basic concept for a round-based Computer game. (see Trailer Legends ). The game should be build in open soucre based  manner. Due to the fact that it will be round-based  ABAP stack might be an Option.Game, open soucre, community, ABAPGuido Brune
Damir Majer@majconChessPlay chess (Blitz-Format 5 Minutes per each Player) against a Chess MasterChess, Game, Fun, OFF-Topic 






Low, aiming at €20 per participant - including lunch and drinks throughout the day.
Speakers selected for the agenda will be free of charge.


The event language is:  English
We expect to have some friends of outside Germany with us.
(we may offer a simultaneous translation to Hessian (wink) for the local participants)


Use the #sitFRA hashtag and follow @_sitfra

Agenda 2017

Will be driven by the session suggestions of all participants. 



10:0010:30ABAP diary: What the heck is going on? (Jens Weiler)SAP HANA && SAP Vora - yin and yang of SAP Data Management (Abdel Dadouche & Vitaliy Rudnytskiy)
10:4011:10ABAP 7.40+ (Christian Drumm)First Experience with SAP Cloud Platform IoT service (Fabian Lehmann)
11:2011:50ABAP CDS - No Pain no Gain (Daniel Ridder)Mobile of People & Internet of Things: State of the Union (Karol Kalisz & Vitaliy Rudnytskiy)
12:0012:30ABAP Development in time of S/4 - Do's and Dont's and Golden Rules for Simplification (Christian Lechner & Tobias Trapp)SQL Anywhere - your flight mode database server (Volker Stöffler)
12:3013:30? Lunchtime 
13:3014:00ABAP Magic (Uwe Fetzer)Demystifying Artificial Intelligence Information Technology (Soumyasanto Sen)

A dynamic approach to connect BRFplus and ABAP (Andreas Gautsch)

Scrum! But … (Martin Fischer)

SAP Basis goes GIT / Consistency vs. Creativity (Christian Braukmüller)

14:5015:20Gender & Knowledge Diversity in IT (Kati Fischer & Denise Nepraunig)IoT-Applications based on LoRaWan (Daniel Koller)
15:2016:10GroupPicture & Coffee Break 
16:1016:40HANA Express Edition (Lucia Subatin & Craig Cmehil)Web applications using ABAP (Lars Hvam)

Finding ABAP (ExtendedVersion 60min)
SAP Cloud Platform
(Twan van den Broek)

Your “fixer-upper” SAP system needs some serious power tools - a Session About UX, Fiori, SAP CP & Mobile (Njal)
17:3018:00Codedeployment – bring your innovations fast to the end user (Martin Hofmann)
Evening Event 


In 2015 and 2016 we were very happy to have a relaxing evening downtown Frankfurt with about 40 participants. Let's repeat that!
 (It's pay-your-own-bill and not covered by the event entrance fee)

Together with the UI5con attendees, we'll meet up at Block House Europa-Allee starting 19:30. The restaurant is well known as one of the best steak houses in Frankfurt. It is located near the S-Bahn stop "Frankfurt am Main Messe" / "Frankfurt fair". 

We'll be leaving Rödelheim together and travel only for two stops with the S-Bahn to "Frankfurt am Main Messe" / "Frankfurt fair". From there we have a short walk of about 11 Minutes.

Address: Europa-Allee 12-22 //  60327 Frankfurt // Route:  Google maps .


Visit the home of the #SAPStammtischFRA. The place where the idea for an SAPInsideTrack in Frankfurt was born end of 2014.

We’ll be leaving Rödelheim together and travel with the S-Bahn to Lokalbahnhof located in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen. If you’d like to get a glimpse of Frankfurt’s famous skyline we'll step out of the S-Bahn one stop earlier and walk the remaining distance – crossing over the Main river with a beautiful view of Frankfurt’s old town and city center with all those famous skyscrapers.

Location: Apfelwein DAX  

Local restaurant with classic Hessian food and drink specialties. We’ll introduce you to “Grüne Sauce” (green sauce), “Schneegestöber” (snow flurry), “Handkäs” (hand cheese) and “Apfelwein” (apple wine) and you will love it! But of course the Schnitzel is also part of the menu (wink)

Address: Willemerstr. 11 // 60594 Frankfurt //  (German)  or (GoogleMaps)   

Participants SAP Inside Track Frankfurt 2017   

Registration for participants is open sold-out for #sitFRA (since 11:45am (CET) )

This is the list of all participants registered at Evenbrite.  (copy of the list at March,19th 2017)

We are going to send out the "Pack your bags"-email.  
In case you answered "Maybe" for joining us at the evening .. please have a review and adjust your answer at   (not here in the Wiki)
   → Ticket → sitFRA → Edit → scroll to the two questions and select "Yes" or "No".
The table reservation is currently at 40 seats and we are unsure about the "maybe"s. (wink)
Hint: Don't miss it.  Cheers!

First NameLast NameTwitter handleJoining Friday evening (7.30pm)?Joining Saturday evening (7.30pm)?
MarcelSchmiechen YesYes
PatrickMeurer MaybeMaybe
WaldemarPhilipp YesMaybe
ThomasPasberg NoMaybe
DominikRosch NoMaybe
Nikola CorneliaBraukmüller@nikola_cobraNoNo
PaukKerstin YesYes
TimmyShumate MaybeMaybe
DanielFischer MaybeMaybe
AlexandraRuby NoMaybe
HannahKnipp YesYes
RobertRembelksi MaybeMaybe
RenéNebel YesMaybe
TeemuKemppainen YesYes
MarkusGreutter YesYes
MarcusKaap NoMaybe
Leovan Hengel@lvhengelYesMaybe
Dennisvan der Pluijm@dennisvdpluijmYesYes
StephanSchultz YesNo
DominikDi Lorenzo@#ddevxYesMaybe
NilsKlatter MaybeMaybe
StefanSchnell NoNo
ChristopherChoy YesMaybe
Laurensvan Rijn@laurensvanrijnMaybeYes
Phat CuongDip NoNo
ChristianGünter MaybeMaybe
AshleyTyler MaybeMaybe
ChristianBraukmüller YesYes
VolkerStöffler NoMaybe
MartinHofmann YesNo
HannahKeller MaybeMaybe
AskimUenal NoMaybe
Twanvan den Broek@tbroekYesMaybe
SvenBrenner YesMaybe
CatharinaBroermann YesYes
CarstenKasper YesMaybe
PascalMöller YesMaybe
DamirMajer MaybeYes

Travel hints


This custom map might help you.   

We flagged several points like #sitFRA location, hotels, local transportation, places of evening events, e-charging and other relevant stuff.

Hotel suggestions

This year the hotel situation looks quite good.

We recommend to book with cancellation option. 

Depending on your arrival and your plans to join us in the pub on Friday and/or Saturday one of these hotels might be a good choice  (Check "CustomMap" to see them all marked.):





(just a hint)

Who stays?

 Rödelheimer Hof venue (900m)€55,-- / night
(= €110,-- Fr - Su)
Uwe Fetzer, Dominik Di Lorenzo, Christian Lechner, Fabian Lehmann, Vitaliy Rudnytskiy, Damir Majer, Volker Stöffler, Roland Knipp, Ich auch (Kati (smile)), Martin Fischer. Jakob Flaman, Andreas Gautsch (Sa)
 Hotel Hamburger HofNear MainStation€68 (Fr-Sa) 
Christian Braukmüller


Public Transportation

Perfect connection (9 minutes ride) via public transportation  (S3,S4,S5) from Frankfurt Hbf (MainStation), choose "Frankfurt Rödelheim Bahnhof" as target location.

Train ride

In case you arrive by train: Share your connection to find others for your personal #sitFRA warm-up

Coming from




Car Sharing

Coming from


Starting: Th/Fr/Sa HH:MM
Leaving: Th/Fr/Sa HH:MM


Count me in (add your name)

Pickup point

SAP Alumni Event Wirsol Arena SinsheimVolker Stöffler

Starting Fr HH:MM tbd
Leaving Sa HH:MM tbd

1 (2 if not too tall; 2+2 seater) Wirsol Arena or tbd
drop-off in Stuttgart or along the way possible

Additional things

Sponsors (THANK YOU so much for supporting the Community!)

  •     AOK Systems









Pre-Event  (Friday): UI5con

In 2016 the first-ever UI5con took place in Frankfurt.

It was an experiment - and the result was overwhelming. Our dutch community friends picked it up and made the second UI5con in Eindhoven.

Now it's our turn again to make it happen.  Even more community driven than last year.

UI5con Frankfurt 2017

Find out more on the UI5con wiki page


Any tips to take into account? 

  • Dress casual, it's a community event - not a business event. And it is Saturday. (wink)
  • If you register yourself, please show up at March 12th. Otherwise we will really miss you - and someone who was just on the waiting list will be sad.
    If anything crosses your plans.. please cancel your registration!
    It helps us to fill up the list with people from the waiting list.
    In 2015 and 2016 we were happy to have a nearly 100% percent show-up rate and many happy faces. Let's repeat that! 
  • More tips from your side as a participant? Please list them and help making it a day to remember!

Organizing Team

The event is organized by  Christian BraukmüllerTobias Trapp and Hendrik Neumann with a lot of help from the local SAP Stammtisch Frankfurt.

You can get in touch with us via email:  info @ or twitter: @_sitfra

or contact our experts (wink) directly via Twitter.