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Application AreaKBA NumberDescription
LO-VC1962059FAQ: Order BOM's
LO-VC2001960Difference of Characteristic Values in Variant Configuration Models:   Displayed Values vs. Saved Values
LO-VC1896387How to fill the configuration structure of the BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE
LO-VC1612913Errors in Variant Configuration Call
LO-VC1934081variant condition line and Characteristic value
LO-VC1820783Characteristic value assignments and classification
LO-VC1624509Endless loop in Characteristic value assignment screen
LO-VC1994868No way to assign variant conditions to characteristic values in batch   mode
LO-VC2005030Not possible to use dependency to infer interval values for   characteristic
LO-VC1773887Characteristics missing in Function Module VC_I_GET_CONFIGURATION_IBASE
LO-VC2003337Different Instance Numbers
LO-VC2222969Differnt values for a characteristic in Sales Order and   VC_I_GET_CONFIGURATION
LO-VC1896281Inconsistencies and incompleteness in variant configuration models
LO-VC-DEP1896284Inconsistency due to constraint in conjunction with a precondition.
LO-VC-CPR1931917'Specify a valid configurable material' (M3544) issued when trying to   configure a Material Variant
LO-VC1988781Error Message C1841 while opening configuration
LO-VC-VTA1840693Transaction CU60E does not support the use of Change Numbers
LO-VC2109927Incorrect characteristic value description returned by module  VC_I_GET_CONFIGURATION_IBASE
LO-VC-VTA2082757Variant Tables with more than 99.999 lines
LO-VC-SIM1586796The 'Save' option is disabled / greyed out in CU50
LO-VC-DEP-NET1805330Consistency check fails in transaction BDM5 for Message Type DEPNET
LO-VC-MAT2287527Short dump when saving a Material Variant in MM02
LO-VC-SCO2147865Difference between CU51 and CU51E
LO-VC1889920How to deactivate trace log
LO-VC-CPR1940123Unable to Undo Changes made to Configuration Profile using CCUNDO
LO-VC-DEP2166137Calculating with a date characteristic
LO-VC2378145Sales/distribution or "Engineering" button in sales order   screen.
LO-VC-PME2155477Error message PMEVC_UI009
LO-VC-SIM2120418Characteristic grouping option is disabled in CU50
LO-VC2423991SAP Variant Configuration - Sources of Information
LO-VC2245376MD12 Info Button in configuration is not active
LO-VC2412431Error CX005 'No configuration profile selected for configurable object'
LO-VC2418604Reference characteristic value is overwritten by temporarily value set   during configuration
LO-VC2411019Syntax error 'Compilation of dependency &  incorrect: code line & not found'
LO-VC-PME2386556Short variables in constraints are added as all-uppercase by Input Help
LO-VC2228571Value assignments deleted after posting an Idoc with configuration
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