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Introscope BOLight setup is no longer supported

The setup described in this wiki is no longer functional due to changes in the Diagnostic Agent.

Please refer to the following kbase for the alternative information for setting up Introscope monitoring.

What is CA APM Introscope?

CA Application Performance Management Introscope is an industry standard monitoring platform which provides detailed insight into application performance across many aspects of the BI Platform. Through a partnership between SAP and Computer Associates, SAP Solution Manager includes a "Right to View" or view-only version of CA APM Introscope which is used to collect performance metrics for E2E Diagnostics tools. For SAP customers running SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform but do not have SAP Solution Manager, it is possible to still leverage the core monitoring functionality of Introscope by configuring the SAP Solution Manager Diagnostic (SMD) Agents in stand-alone mode (aka BOLight mode)


The purpose of this wiki guide is to:

  • Guide customers on how to plan to successfully implement Introscope Monitoring in their environment
  • Provide assistance on acquiring the required software from the Software Download Center
  • Cover in detail the various steps needed to successfully enable Introscope Monitoring for BI Platform and Apache Tomcat
  • Provide a check-list to confirm metrics are working correctly


Information for setting up SAP Solution Manager for BI Platform 4.x

This wiki is for setting up CA APM Introscope in stand-alone mode aka BOLight (without Solution Manager).  If your goal is to setup Solution Manager for BI, please check the following SAP Notes for instructions:

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