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CAVC_C_CHECKCheck Configuration
CAVC_C_CHECK_INSTANTIATIONCheck for Necessary Instantiations
CAVC_C_EXECUTEConduct configuration
CAVC_C_GET_BOM_ITEM_DATADelivers Item Data for All Instances
CAVC_C_GET_INSTANCESAll Instances of a Configuration
CAVC_C_SET_MODE_FIXINGSpecify Mode for BOM Fixing
CAVC_C_SET_MODE_INSTANTIATIONSpecify Mode for Instantiation
CAVC_C_SPEC_WITH_DEFAULT_OBJSetting: Specialization Without Object Search
CAVC_C_TYPE_MATCHINGVariant Matching in Result-Oriented Order BOM
CAVC_DF_APPLY_INSTANCE_NUMBERCreate Number of Identical Instances
CAVC_D_CHAR_VALUATIONCharacteristic Value Assignment of an Instance in the Dialog
CAVC_D_STRUCTURE_WINDOWAssign Values to Configuration Structure (in Dialog)
CAVC_I_CHANGE_BOM_ITEM_DATAChange an Existing Instance (BOM Item)
CAVC_I_CHARS_DEL_VALUESDeletion of Assigned Values
CAVC_I_CHARS_DEL_VALUES_USERDelete All Assigned Values with User Justification
CAVC_I_CHARS_GET_ALLOWED_VALSRead Permitted Values for Characteristics
CAVC_I_CHARS_GET_ASSIGNED_VALSRead Current Assigned Values for Characteristics
CAVC_I_CHARS_GET_ATTRIBUTESRead Characteristic Attributes
CAVC_I_CHARS_GET_DEFAULT_VALSRead Default Values for Characteristics
CAVC_I_CHARS_GET_VALID_VALSRead Currently Valid Values for Characteristics
CAVC_I_CHARS_SET_VALUESAssigned Values for Characteristics
CAVC_I_CHECKCheck Instance
CAVC_I_DELETE_BOM_ITEMDelete Instance (BOM Item)
CAVC_I_DUPLICATE_BOM_ITEMDuplication of an Instance (BOM Item)
CAVC_I_EXECUTEConduct configuration
CAVC_I_FIX_BOM_ITEMFix Instance According to Mode That Is Set
CAVC_I_GET_BOM_HEADER_DATARead Header Data of an Instance (BOM Header)
CAVC_I_GET_BOM_ITEM_DATARead Data of an Instance (BOM Item)
CAVC_I_GET_BOM_ITEM_DATA_LISTDelivers Item Data for All Specified Instances
CAVC_I_GET_CHARSRead Characteristics of an Instance
CAVC_I_GET_CLASS_INFOInformation About Class Node (Specialization, Object List, Basic Data)
CAVC_I_GET_FIELDS_INSTRead Instantiation Data of an Instance
CAVC_I_GET_PARENTParent Instance is Delivered for Specified Instance
CAVC_I_GET_PROFILEInformation About Currently-Used Configuration Profile of an Instance
CAVC_I_GET_STATUSRead Status of an Instance
CAVC_I_INCONSISTENCIESRead Messages About Inconsistencies for an Instance
CAVC_I_INSERT_BOM_ITEMAdd a New Instance (BOM Item)
CAVC_I_INSTANTIATE_BOM_ITEMInstantiate an Instance According to Set Mode
CAVC_I_SELECT_CHILDSAll Direct Instances Are Delivered for the Specified Instance
CAVC_I_SELECT_INSTANCEData Is Delivered for Specified Instance
CAVC_I_SET_FIELDS_INSTSets Data for Instantiation of an Instance
CAVC_I_SET_STATUSSet Status of an Instance
CAVC_I_UNINSTANTIATE_BOM_ITEMUndo Instantiation of an Instance
CAVC_O_ORDER_BOM_CANCELCancel Editing of Order BOM
CAVC_O_SIMULATION_CANCELCancel Configuration Simulation
CAVC_O_SIMULATION_INITInitialize Simulation
BAPI_CFGINST_CHARCS_ATTR_READDisplays the attributes of all or the specified chars of the instance
BAPI_CFGINST_CHARCS_READDisplays characteristics (according to search criteria) of the instanc
BAPI_CFGINST_CHARCS_VALS_DELDeletes one or more values of one or more characteristics of an instan
BAPI_CFGINST_CHARCS_VALS_READDisplays current values or allowed values of chars of an instance
BAPI_CFGINST_CHARCS_VALS_SETSets one or more values for one or more characteristics of an instance
BAPI_CFGINST_INCOMPLETE_CHECKChecks whether data is missing for instance and returns missing data
BAPI_CFGINST_INCONSIST_CHECKChecks whether instance has inconsistencies and returns inconsistencie
BAPI_CFG_CREATEStarts a new configuration (root item, initializes configurator)
BAPI_CFG_READReturns external representation of configuration currently loaded
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