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The Introscope Java Agent is a third party tool created by CA Technologies and is used in combination with the CA Introscope Enterprise Manager. The Introscope Java Agents and Introscope Enterprise Manager is used in the context of the SAP Solution Manager to collect performance information of Java applications, its main purpose is to collect data from the applications and systems running on Java Virtual Machines (JVMs), the data collected is pushed to the Introscope Enterprise Manager where it is stored.

The following picture shows the architecture of the Introscope Java Agents in SAP NetWeaver, but the same Introscope Java Agent is also used to monitor other Java-based SAP systems, for example: SAP Mobile Platform and SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise.

Introscope Java Agent Configuration and Download Instructions

Each Introscope Java Agent release supports certain JVM versions. The following table provides an overview about the supported JVMs depending on the Introscope Java Agent release. The download location of the Introscope Java Agent is stated in the Introscope release notes.

 JVM VersionIntroscope ReleaseIntroscope Release Note 
JVM 6, 7, and 810.72909673

It is not possible to connect Introscope Java Agents to an Introscope Enterprise Manager with a version lower than the agent's, i.e. do not choose an Introscope Java Agent with higher release than the Enterprise Manager for any Managed System.


The setup procedure is described in the corresponding Introscope setup guide.

Automated configuration for Netweaver AS Java

When installing the Byte Code Adapter for a Netweaver Java system make sure to check this:

Diagnostics Agent and HA Support#ImportantremarkconcerningJavaManagedsystemsonlogicalhosts

Manual Configuration Steps

The configuration of the Introscope Java Agent consists in the following steps:

  1. Deployment of the Introscope Java Agent files in the managed system server(s)
  2. Configuration of the Introscope Java Agent profile;
  3. Configuration of the Java parameters of the Introscope Java Agent in the managed system;

Introscope Java Agent Profile

The configuration of the Introscope Java Agent is stored in the IntroscopeAgent.profile. The main properties configured in this file are as follows:

  •<EM_host>: The host of the Enterprise Manager that the Introscope Java Agent will connect.
  • introscope.agent.enterprisemanager.transport.tcp.port.DEFAULT=<EM_port>: The port of the Enterprise Manager that will be used by the Introscope Java Agent.
  • introscope.autoprobe.directivesFile=<Directive_Files>: The Auto Probe Directive files that will be used to instrument the JVM.
Auto Probe Directive Files

The Introscope Java Agent instruments the SAP JVM inserting probes (measurement points) on the Java byte codes during their executions. The measurement points are configured by the Directive Files (*.pbd), which are added in the IntroscopeAgent.profile. SAP provides standard Directive Files that should be used depending on the managed system type. The available Directives Files are mentioned in the IntroscopeAgent.profile of each release of Introscope Java Agent (check the section Directives Files of the profile file).

For NetWeaver systems, the configuration of the Auto Probe files is usually done automatically during the Managed System Configuration (activity Byte Code Adapter Installation). For non-NetWeaver systems, the required files are mentioned in the setup guides for each system type. Take care when changing the Auto Probe files configuration, as some Auto Probe files might cause a performance impact.

Java Parameters

The Java parameters required to start the Introscope Java Agent are as follows:

Java ParameterDescription

-javaagent:<path to the agent.jar file>

Refers to the Agent.jar file, used in systems with JVM 5 and higher.

-Dcom.wily.introscope.agentProfile=<path to the IntroscopeAgent.profile>Refers to the IntroscopeAgent.profile which holds the agent configuration.
-Dcom.wily.introscope.agent.agentName=<AgentName>Defines the name used by the agent to connect to the Enterprise Manager.

Configuration for Distinct Managed System Types

SAP NetWeaver Java systems:

The configuration of the Introscope Java Agent of SAP NetWeaver systems is performed automatically by the activity "Byte Code Adapter Installation"  in the step "Finalize Configuration of the Managed System Configuration". This activity extracts the Introscope Java Agent files to the server, configures the IntrosocpeAgent.profile and adds the required Java parameters to the Java server nodes.

Non-NetWeaver Java systems:

The Introscope Java Agent is also used to monitor Java systems that are not based on the SAP NetWeaver platform. The support and the configuration steps of these systems vary depending on the system type. Refer to the configuration guide of each system type in the Maintenance of Product in the System Landscape Wiki. 

Introscope Agent Log Files

When the Introscope Java Agents are configured and started for the managed system, the Introscope Java Agent will create log files which will provide runtime information. The Introscope Java Agent log files are:

  • IntroscopeAgent * .log: Provides runtime Information about the Introscope Java Agent and connection to the Enteprise Manager.
  • AutoProbe.log: Provides information about the monitored classes/methods of the Java Application. Limit or disable auto probe logging as described here:

The location of the log files may vary depending on the configuration and system type, some example are below:

SAP NetWeaver Java Systems:

When the automatic setup is used for SAP NetWeaver Java systems (activity Byte Code Adapter Installation), the Introscope Java Agent log files will be available at \usr\sap\SMD\SMDA97\SMDAgent\temp.

If the Diagnostics Agents on-the-fly feature is used in the managed system, the flag "Deploy Byte Code Adapter under Managed System Instance(s)" must be selected during the Managed System Configuration. In this case the Introscope Java Agent log files will be located at /usr/sap/<ManagedSID>/<InstanceID>/ByteCodeAdapter/logs.

If the manual installation has been performed, the Introscope Java Agent logs are available by default in the following location \usr\sap\ccms\wily\logs.

SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise:
  • <BOE_PATH>\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\Java\wily\logs
How to Read the Log

If the connection has been established successfully, the following entry is shown in the IntroscopeAgent* .log:

Connected controllable Agent to the Introscope Enterprise Manager at [...] 
Host = "myhostname", Process = "SAP Netweaver", Agent Name = "SMJ_J002_server0", Active = "true".

The above log entry shows the Introscope Enterprise Manager host name and port as wel as the host name, the process name and the agent name used by the Introscope Java Agent to report the performance information. This information is useful in order to find the Introscope Java Agent in the Web View or Workstation Investigator. The following picture shows the Introscope Java Agent node in the Introscope Investigator:


Byte Code Adapter Does not Start

After performing the configuration of the Introscope Java Agent it is not possible to see the Java metrics in the Introscope Enterprise Manager. Refer to the Byte Code Adapter Does not Start wiki page.

Managed System Does not Start When Byte Code Adapter is Active

In case you need to disable the Introscope Agent in an emergency case, follow  SAP Note 2246406.

JMX Metrics Missing in the Introscope Web View

If the JMX metrics are missing, the Early Watch Alert will be rated gray as metrics "APPLICATION THREADS" and "ACTIVETHREADSCOUNT" will be missing. Refer to SAP Note 2461965 (Missing metrics: Java performance data missing).

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