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Job monitoring application  provides transparency for your Business Critical background jobs. 

Monitoring Objects for Job Monitoring

Monitoring objects collect data in your managed systems and report it to SAP Solution Manager. A monitoring object for job monitoring consists of the following:

ØJob identification, which defines the set of job instances to be monitored
ØMonitoring schedule and data collection interval
ØSet of key figures and corresponding thresholds for alerting
ØConfiguration of the creation of incidents and other notifications for alerts

Type of Jobs that can be Monitored via Job Monitor:

  • ABAP Jobs
  • BW Process Chains
  • SBOP Jobs
  • Data Service Jobs
  • SMSE Job (Solution Manager Scheduling Enabler )

Type of Jobs that can be Monitored via BI Monitor:

  • ABAP Jobs
  • BW Process Chains
  • SBOP Jobs
  • Data Service Jobs
  • Reports & Templates

Generic Information:

Setup Guide
Configuration Guide of Unified Job Monitoring
SAP Solution Manager @ Service Marketplace

An example how to implement BAdI BADI_DYN_INCI_NOTIF_MULTIPLE : 


Details of Notes relevant for Job Monitoring in 7.2 Release 

Generic Notes Available for 7.2


Note Number

 FAQ (Generic Note)


Configuration of Job Monitoring


Monitoring Screen is Blank after Upgrading to Solution Manager 7.2


Specific to SP01


Specific to SP03



Specific to SP04


 Specific to SP052605114
 Specific to SP06


SP07 Central note

Notes relevant for Job Monitoring in Release 7.2
AreaNote NumberNote TypeDetailsFurther CommentsApplicable for SP03Applicable for SP04
Job Monitoring : Alerts Notification & Incident Content2435390InformationJob Monitoring: Sample implementation for custom notification and incident contentFurther information to implement Notification and Incidents for AlertsYesYes
2405539Code Correctionjob log link in notificationOn click of job log link, the application launches with errorsYesYes
2368727Code CorrectionSMSE Job Instance Notification does not display Job NameWhen a notification is created for an SMSE Job Instance, the Job name is not displayed.YesYes
 2535566Code Correction Enhance notification mail body for job monitoring Details related to Job were missing from the mail body/attachment on upgrading to 7.2 due to modeling changes. This note will enhance the mail body of the notification. This note provides a default implementation of the Enhancement Spot ALERT_REACTION.

If any additional modification/any custom enhancement is required, refer the note 2435390.

Job Monitoring : Configuration2413762Code CorrectionJob Monitoring Edit Save issueMass activate, deactivate options missing, issues in edit - display togglingYesYes
2312030InformationMass status monitoring of ABAP background jobsYou want to perform system monitoring for background jobs in an ABAP system using the Job Monitoring solution of SAP Solution Manager. You are interested in cancelations or very long runtimes of any job.YesYes
2350461InformationMonitoring the start of an ABAP job relative to its predecessor with SAP Solution ManagerYou are trying to monitor the start delay of an ABAP job relative to its predecessor with SAP Solution Manager. The relationship of predecessor and successor job is not defined in the ABAP system but, e.g., in an external Job Scheduler.YesYes
2397295Code CorrectionSAP Business Objects BI Platform and DS monitoring object activation failedActivation of MO for BO job type and DS job type failsYesYes
2295375Code CorrectionBPmon Migration: JobMon - wildcardsIn Job Monitoring, there are strict validation on the identification parameters of ABAP Jobs. This note is to relax the validationsYesNo
2438825Code CorrectionCL_SOMO_MONITOR_DEF_JOBMON=>GET_SAP_TEMPLATE_BY_JOBTYPE takes wrong template ID for Data Services JobsYou would to configure and activate monitoring for Data Services Jobs. Generation and activation fails. CL_SOMO_MONITOR_DEF_JOBMON=>GET_SAP_TEMPLATE_BY_JOBTYPE takes wrong template ID for Data Services JobsYesYes
2456631Code CorrectionInconsistencies in update flag and BW Job type's client in Jobmon config 

This note will fix the following issues

  • There are inconsistencies in the way which the 'Update required' flag is set in the Job monitoring configuration's overview screen
  • BW jobtype dosn't take the productive client while creation of a new MO
 2611998Code Correction CPS search failing for entries in lowercase CPS search failing for entries in lowercase YesYes 
 2523546Code Correction Error while creating Jobs of custom jobtype When a new Monitoring object is created for Custom Jobtypes, multiple error messages are thrown in the popup NoNo 
 2526915Code CorrectionPattern based search for Job definition for SMSE and Jobs scheduled via external scheduler isn't working as expectedPattern based search for Job definition for SMSE and Jobs scheduled via External Scheduler is not working as expected YesYes 
 2516063Code CorrectionJob Monitoring setup - Alert activation for Status becomes disabled/grey for process chains  In job Monitoring configuration, when the Alert Status(Cancellation) metic is toggled for a BW Process chain Header/Element Job, the metric becomes inactive YesYes 
 2467258Code Correction Alert inbox time zone doesn't match the Managed system time zone The timezone displayed in Alert inbox doesn't match the timezone maintained in the managed system. Yes Yes 
 2557244 Code Correction Short dump on close of create pop up from Solution Documentation entry point When creating a job monitoring object from Solution documentation, if the pop up is closed using 'x' , the application dumps YesYes 

 Code  Correction

Custom alert not shown for alerts raised under metrics job log message and job log content Custom alert text were not saved for job log message and job log content. The changes on the config UI was mapped only to ABAP metric and not for Job Log content and message No Yes
2622186 Code  CorrectionError on save while creating monitoring object from job documentation for an external scheduler typeWhen a  monitoring object is created from job documentation for an external scheduler, an exception is raised but the monitoring object is saved.YesYes
Job Monitoring : Data Collector2302011Code CorrectionUse enhanced SMSE interface for job type 'SMSE jobs'An extension of the SMSE interface has been defined to provide the APIs required for the data collection of Job Monitoring. If an external scheduler provides the new APIs, Job Monitoring for SMSE jobs should be possible also for this scheduler.

Implement the latest version of the below SAP Notes 2225431
2354280Code CorrectionSMSE Jobs: Problems with queue names with dotsThe name of the 'Queue' for a SMSE job has one or several dots ('.'). The queue name is not used correctly in the data collectionYesNo
Job Monitoring : Monitoring UI2415459Code CorrectionMapping of job status from SAP CPS/BPA to ABAP statusHarmonize the mapping of SAP CPS/BPA job status to ABAP job statusYesYes
2410080Code CorrectionJob Name is not displayed in Job details of an instanceWhen an instance is selected from the list of instances, the Job Name is not displayed in the Job Details pop up.YesYes
2452289Code Correction Instance pod not refreshing with instance tableThe status pod in instance view of the Job Monitoring UI is not automatically refreshing based on the instances. NoNo 
2460245 Code Correction BW chains instances not shown in Job Monitoring BW Chain instances are not shown in job monitoring, even though data is collected for the same  YesYes 



Code Correction 

Dump in BI monitoring due to datatype mismatch results in Blank Monitoring UI

Note: Both notes need to be implemented.

Zero value displayed on select of scope or a blank screen is displyed when launched with the conteext; i.e. when monitoring is launched from Job management workcenter or from any other entry point.YesYes
 2559634Code Correction Job overview ratings are not consistent The Job Overview Ratings on the overview tab is inconsistent. When a Monitoring Object have a green and gray rating, gray is considered as the summary for overview. YesYes 
 2550703 Code Correction Monitoring objects configured from job document are invisible in Job Monitoring application Monitoring objects configured from job document are invisible in Job Monitoring application YesYes 
2622100 Code CorrectionSystem and Application monitoring workcenter: SAP_BELIZE theme Job Monitor buttons without text

Some of the buttons in the System and Application monitoring Work Center are displayed without text if they are started via FIORI Launchpad with SAP_BELIZE theme.

Migration 2215069Code CorrectionJob Monitoring 7.2 Compatibility ConversionIn Job Monitoring, the Monitored Objects those were created during the lower SPs needs to be converted for compatibility.YesYes
Migration 2578129Code CorrectionMigration of monitoring objects from 7.1 to 7.2 using parallel processingIn Job Monitoring, the Monitored Objects those were created during the lower SPs needs to be converted for compatibility. This notes provides an option to migrate using parallel process which reduces the job runtime duration. YesYes
 Migration 2459137 Code Correction Migration of BI monitoring objects from 7.1 to 7.2Upgrading from 7.1 to 7.2, BI Monitoring has some underlying design changes which requires the migration report to be executed. YesYes 
Notes relevant for Job Monitoring in Release 7.2 for ST-PI
Application/AreaNote NumberDetailsFurther Comments
ST-PI2356484Unified Job Monitoring - Central note for data collectorCentral SAP Note for corrections of the data collector of Unified Job Monitoring .
Implement the corrections of the listed SAP Notes in the system in which the data collector is located. For most popular job types 'ABAP jobs' and 'BW Process Chains' the data collector is located in the managed (ABAP) system. For other job types the data collector is located in Solution Manager itself
ST-PI2194129Job Statistics FixesThe job statistics in the 'Job Details' tab of the Job Monitoring configuration UI in Solution Manager 7.2 are not correct. Only ABAP jobs are affetced.

The statistics are collected by function module /SOMO/MONITOR_JOB_STATISTICS in the managed system. The results are sometimes not correct




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