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Please be advised of the Urgent Payroll News Flash on our JAM page:

It has come to our attention that an issue has been introduced with the recent note 2402060  (PY-GB: PAE: Creating IT3297 manually (during the hiring action) for Late New Starters).

The issue caused by note 2402060  (which was delivered in the following HRSPs; Release 608: HRSP 39, Release 604: HRSP B1 and Release 600: HRSP E5) has been fixed by a new note 2442223 (PY-GB: IT3297 Issue with COMMON PART BUFFER).

If you have applied note 2402060 to your productive environment (manually via SNOTE or have applied the HRSPs listed above) then please make sure that you also apply note 2442223 (PY-GB: IT3297 Issue with COMMON PART BUFFER).

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