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Dictionary objects are updated during system maintenance step by step just as during transport:

  • Import inactive dictionary objects
  • Dictionary Activation
  • Dictionary Distribution
  • Table Conversion
  • Activate inactive runtime Objects

According to different maintenance mode, the update scenario is also not the same. 

If maintenance mode is "single system", the update scenario on dictionary objects during upgrade is similar to that during transport.

But if maintenance mode is "standard" or "advanced", the update scenario on dictionary objects is different from that during transport, because some steps such as "Import inactive dictionary objects", "dictionary activation" and "dictionary distribution" etc. are performed in the shadow instance, not in the original instance.

If you want to know details about what shadow instance is, please read the blog: SUM: introduction to shadow system.

To understand how dictionary objects are updated during system maintenance, it is better to know how dictionary objects are updated during transport firstly. You can select the topic "Dictionary Objects updated during transport by transport tool (tp/R3trans)" for more details. 


In standard or advanced maintenance mode, dictionary objects are updated mainly in the following SUM phases:

DDIC_UPG                                                                                 → import of inactive dictionary objects

SPDD                                                                                         → modification adjustment for dictionary objects

ACT_UPG                                                                                  → dictionary activation (in shadow mode)

PARDISTPRE_SHD, PARDIST_SHD, PARDIST_SHD2          → dictionary distribution

PARMVNT_SHD, PARMVNT_XCNV                                        → activate inactive runtime objects in uptime phase

PARCONV_UPG                                                                       → table conversion

PMVNTAB_UPG                                                                       → activate inactive runtime objects in downtime phase 

Dictionary Objects updated during transport by transport tool (tp/R3trans)

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