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Log File





Error file



Current information about the Database Analyzer most recently started



Records Database Analyzer messages, including analysis rules and the current values that caused these messages
More information: Database Analyzer Messages


List of SQL statements that were active while Database Analyzer was collecting statistics data. The SQL statements are logged only if the command monitor was enabled. (valid only until ???)

Information about tasks that were active or runnable while Database Analyzer was collecting statistics data


Information about server tasks that were active or runnable for data backup, check data, update statistics or create index while Database Analyzer was collecting statistics data

DBAN_TASK_SUSPENDS.prtInformation about all task suspend reasons
DBAN_UKT_CPU_UTILIZATION.prtInformation about CPU utilization per UKT
DBAN_USER_TASKS_ACTIVITIES.prtList/information about user tasks that executed at least one SQL statement during the last analyses
DBAN_ANALYZER_TASK_STAT.csvInformation about the number of SQL statements, accesses to critical sections, dispatches, and physical reads of Database Analyzer task. This Database Analyzer information helps to identify the workload generated due to data collection.
DBAN_BACKUP.csvNumber and duration of physical write and read operations during data and/or log backups
DBAN_CACHES.csvSuccessful and unsuccessful accesses to caches, and also hit rates
DBAN_CACHE_OCCUPANCY.csvCache load and occupancy (proportion of OMS, SQL, and history pages in the data cache) 
DBAN_CATALOG_CACHE.csvSuccessful and unsuccessful accesses to catalog cache, and also hit rate
DBAN_CLUSTER_IO.csv Information about clustered read and cluster compression operations
DBAN_COMMIT_STAT.csvStatistics about COMMIT and ROLLBACK statements (number, time, I/O wait time)

Client communication statistics

DBAN_CPU_UTILIZATION.csvInformation about the system load: CPU usage in user and system mode, broken down by system, database, and time in idle state.
DBAN_FILLING.csvFill level of the database (for example, the size of the data volumes, number of permanently and temporarily used pages)
DBAN_GC.csvInformation about garbage collector task activities: how often they were active, number of deleted and history objects, and number of physical I/O operations.

Read and write operations to cache pages and data pages


Statistics about prefetching (requests, ignored requests, LOB requests)

DBAN_IOTHREADS.csvNumber and duration of physical write and read operations (I/O threads)
DBAN_JOIN_STAT.csvStatistics about JOIN statement (number, access kind, optimize kind)
DBAN_LOAD.csvAccesses and selectivity of SELECT, FETCH, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements
DBAN_LOCKS.csvInformation about lock statistics (table locks, row locks, lock collision, and so on)
DBAN_LOGGING.csvNumber of log pages written, fill level of the log queue, and so on
DBAN_OVERVIEW.csvOverview of the most important information from the log files of Database Analyzer
DBAN_SAVEPOINTS Information about savepoints
DBAN_REGIONS.csvInformation about accesses to critical sections
DBAN_RW_LOCKS.csvInformation about accesses to critical sections (reader-writer locks)
DBAN_SHARED_SQL.csvStatistics about shared SQL (hit rates of the prepare cache, command cache, cleanup, unload)
DBAN_SPINLOCKS.csvInformation about accesses to critical sections (spinlocks)
DBAN_STRATEGY_INDEX.csvAccesses and selectivity for index searches
DBAN_STRATEGY_PRIMKEY.csvAccesses and selectivity for PRIMARY KEY searches
DBAN_STRATEGY_SCANS.csvAccesses and selectivity for INDEX SCAN and TABLE SCAN searches
DBAN_SV.csvInformation about server tasks activities (such as number/duration of I/O, dispatches, suspends)
DBAN_SYS_ALLOCATION.csvInformation about memory allocation on runtime environment memory and system heap allocator
DBAN_TASK_DISPATCHES.csvInformation about task dispatches

Number and duration of physical writes and reads from perspective of the log writer, the user task, and the pager 

DBAN_TASK_STATES.csvNumber and execution duration of processed statements

Number and wait duration of the task states Vsuspend, Vwait, sleep

DBAN_USER_TASK_STATES.csvNumber of user tasks in different task states (states such as running, waiting for log, waiting for I/O, waiting for region access)

Log File



Information about LCApps routines that have been executed while Database Analyzer was collecting statistics data

DBAN_OMS.csvNumber of calls by DB procedures, dereferences, deleted objects, history accesses
DBAN_OMS_CONTAINER.csvInformation on class containers (such as number of classes, occupancy, number of free pages)
DBAN_OMS_HEAP.csvInformation on the OMS heap (such as occupancy, current size, collisions)

Information on OMS versions (such as   number and age of versions used)




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