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The document creation UI shows an error message if a Dtype is selected with not existing workstation applications (WSAPPL) in backend:



plm.wsappl.does.not.exist = Das Dokument kann nicht angelegt werden. Die Workstation Applikation %1 existiert nicht.
plm.wsappl.does.not.exist = Unable to create document. The Workstation Application %1 does not exist.



The frontend configuration is not consistent with the backend configuration. There are Workstation applications defined in the dtype.xml which does not exist in the backend (transaction DC30).


See in "Application Help" guide, chapter "2.3.7 Checking SAP Engineering Control Center Settings".

This function ("fnc.configuration.audit") can be found in the Administrator menu by default:

 You can use this report to find the configuration inconsistencies:


To fix the issue you have two possibilities:

  1. Remove the non existing Workstation Application entries from the Dtype configuration (dtype.xml) in frontend.
  2. Create the missing Workstation Applications with transaction DC30 in backend.