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Friday, June  16th 2017, will take place our first SAP Inside Track in Barcelona.

Please, be aware of the closing date for your registration: June 9, 2017.  Registration is closed.

An SAP Inside Track is a community event, open for all people from the SCN-Community  (Customers, Consultants and Freelancers).  No matter if you are a developer, business consultant or an architect. The event is organized by peers from the community.. and YOU are able to influence the agenda.

Use hash tag  #sitFBCN on Twitter to share ideas. Spread the news and follow the updates!


SAP Inside Track Barcelona / June 16th 2017


Friday, June 16th 2017   Doors will open at 08:45h Sessions start at  09:30h am  and end at approx. 07:00h pm. Networking will be till 08:00h pm.


Spain: Barcelona

Location: Enel HQ Barcelona, Modernist Room

          Address: Carrer de Roger de Flor 48, 08018 Barcelona


          Enel Building                                                                                                   

          How to get there? 10-15min walking from city center, Plaza Catalunya.
          Next to “Arc de Triomf” station (Metro L1 and RENFE local train network) and “Estació del Nord” Bus Station.  More details, see GoogleMaps

          Parking Estació Barcelona Nord (5min walking from SIT)


For SAP community members (both consultants and customers) who want to share or catch-up on their knowledge.

      • Share what you love by holding a session.
      • Be curious to hear about new things & new insights and participate.

Free including lunch and drinks throughout the day, thanks to our Sponsors.


The event language is:  English  (mainly)


 Use the #sitBCN hashtag and follow @SITBarcelona

Agenda 20017

Opening doors will be at 08:45h. Final Agenda will be like this.


09:30David Ruiz Badia

Welcome and opening SIT Barcelona


09:45Luis SalvadorSAP Solution Manager situation in the current market and last new features of 7.2Update on SolMan last version
10:10Fabio CerioniABAP EdgesCDS/Smart Template/BOPF a new way to build UIs
10:45Miguel RojoAWS for SAPUpdate and latest news
11:10Ricardo CasanovasSAP & AWS. IntegrationFrom Zero to SAP HANA on AWS in 30 min
11:50BREAK 20 min  
12:15David MolineraSAP Support Delivery - MLMachine Learning for business and technical support: A case study
12:35Noèlia SoleresAgile Datamarts scenarios with SAP Cloud PlatformHow to replicate data from source systems to the HCP HANA DB using various replication tools, how to create a model to consume the data, and we will end exploding the information using SAP Analitycs cloud services
12:50Miguel MuñozSAP Cloud PlatformSAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS
13:20LUNCH 50 min  
14:15Bernhard LueckeSAP Support DeliveryNext-Generation Support
14:40Mario de FelipeSAP ArchitectureBig Databases on HANA
15:15Douglas CezarSAP Screen Personas or Fiori?The answer is both!
15:40BREAK 20 min  
16:00Miguel Angel GomezSAP UX - BuildBUILD: Comprehensive toolset to design enterprise apps
16:35Jose Antonio TorreNeptune SoftwareA technical solution for business
17:00Heder Goncavez & Ole-André HaugenSAPUI5How ABAPers can easily develop complex Fiori apps in days
17:35César MartinSAP Cloud Platform - Development ABAPSAP Cloud Platform connectivity. Cockpit and Cloud Connector
18:10Lidia SarasuaSAP Cloud PlatformCreate a free style portal in SAP Cloud Platform. This portal will include different types of content such as Youtube videos and HTML widgets. Use Web IDE's templates to create a Fiori master-detail 
18:35Mari Angeles IzquierdoSAP on AWS. Integration with AWS ServicesSimple Beer Service!! - See how we integrate AWS IoT and Lambda for processing real time data from our Beer Kegerator with SAP HANA, in real time!
19:10David Ruiz BadiaClosing SIT Barcelona 2017 

Evening Event 

          Social meeting will be June 15th Thursday evening.

                         08:30h pm  Bar/Dinner (at own costs) Fabrica Moritz, Ronda Sant Antoni, 39 · 08011 Barcelona

                         In case you will join us, please be kind to  re-confirm at

Call for Speakers - Session Suggestions

Here YOU have the chance to add value and pay forward: host a session at SAP Inside Track in Barcelona. Share your experience and/or initiate a discussion and take new insights back home. Please note that all sessions are supposed to be between 20 and 40min. If your session is shorter or longer, you don't need to blow it up, please feel free to add it. If your session will need some more time, add your session and mention it.  We will figure out how to handle it.If you have any questions or are unsure about how to do it: Contact us  ... contact data to be found at the bottom of this page. If your session is accepted, your ticket is guaranteed! 

Here you can fill this form with name, bio, session abstract, session type, length, contact details, and so on...

Participants SAP Inside Track Barcelona 2017

Registration is CLOSED.




First NameLast NameGender CitizenshipCompany / Organization

Origin (SAP Customer; Partner; Freelancer or Student) 

Participation in Evening Events: Thursday (yes/no); Friday (yes/no)

DavidVela TiradomSpanishAtos ITPartnerThursday (yes); Friday (yes)
MartinConstantemSpanishISP DigitalPartnerThursday (yes); Friday (yes)
KatiFischerfGermanSAP SESAP Thursday (yes); Friday (yes)
IsabelVinals fSpanish Endesa ServiciosCustomer Thursday (no); Friday (yes) 
BernhardLueckeGermanSAP SESAPno answer
GabrielePompiliItaliannnCustomerThursday (yes); Friday (yes)
CesarMartinmSpanishSAP SESAPThursday (yes); Friday (yes)
Jesús Hernández mSpanish LinkeITPartner no answer 
Miguel Angel Gomez SpanishSAP SE SAP Thursday (no); Friday (no) 
Noèlia Soleres Spanish SAP SE  SAP  Thursday (yes); Friday (no)  
JakobFlaman German Swiss Post Customer  Thursday (no); Friday (Yes)
FrancescSegura  GarciaSpanish Fujitsu Partner Thursday (yes); Friday (Yes) 
Soumyasanto Sen Indian Hyundai Autoever Europe GmbH Customer Thursday (no); Friday (yes) 
DouglasCezarmBrazilianPearson EducatoinFreelancerThursday (yes); Friday (Yes) 
Angel Puertas Estivill Spanish  Enzyme Advising Group FreelancerThursday (no); Friday (no)  
Rubén Ondoño Spanish   nnCustomer  Thursday (no); Friday (yes)  
Jorge Sancho Royo Spanish nnFreelancer no opinion 
SantiagoOts Spanish  Ernst & Young EspañaPartner Thursday (no); Friday (yes)   
Helder Goncalves Portuguese nn PartnerThursday (yes); Friday (Yes)  
XavierFabregaSpanish Enel ICT Customer Thursday (no); Friday (no)   
Abraham Navarro de la Paz Spanish   Ernst & Young España  PartnerThursday (no); Friday (no)    
Ferran Antonio Spanish    DCL ENTELGY Partner Thursday (yes); Friday (Yes)  
Xabier Perez Orbegozo Spanish Deloitte Partner Thursday (yes); Friday (Yes)   
Adriana Freitas Spanish   Events outFreelancer Thursday (yes); Friday (Yes)    
Carlos Delgado Beltran Spanish SAP / DBS  SAPThursday (no); Friday (yes)   
Javier Serrano Spanish  Ernst & Young España PartnerThursday (no); Friday (no)     
ALI YEHIA Romaniannn Student Thursday (no); Friday (no)     
Lidia Sarasua Garcia Spanish   Enzyme Advising Group  PartnerThursday (yes); Friday (Yes)   
Martin  Constante mSpanish   ISP Digital Partner Thursday (yes); Friday (Yes)   
ÁlvaroHernando Valbuena Spanish   Indra CompanyCustomer Thursday (no); Friday (no)    
RicardoCasanovas mSpanish   LinkeITPartner Thursday (yes); Friday (Yes)  
Carlos  VidalSpanish    LinkeIT Freelancer Thursday (yes); Friday (Yes)   
ENRIQUEROMEROSpanish    Enel ICT Customerno opinion  
ANDRES MARTIN MELCHORmSpanish     nn nn  no opinion  
Fernando Martinez Sanchez Spanish    Seidor Partner  Thursday (no); Friday (no)     
Marcial  Chinchillam  Spanish  Seidor  Partner   no opinion   
Mariode Felipe DiazSpanish   LinkeIT Partner Thursday (no); Friday (yes)    
Sara Antuñano Spanish    Eroski Customer Thursday (no); Friday (no)   
Chabier Sanvicente Spanish LinkeIT  Partner Thursday (yes); Friday (Yes)   
JaumeMoreno Spanish  nn Partner Thursday (no); Friday (yes) 
Juan Ángel Cuadrado Pérez Spanish   LinkeIT  Partner  Thursday (no); Friday (no)  
Renato Ely Spanish     nnnn no opinion   
JuanEstruch Spanish     nnFreelancer   no opinion    
Ignacio Baigual Bernuy Spanish   nn Student no opinion    
Carles Viaplana   CruellsSpanish    Gas Natural Fenosa  Customer no opinion  
Pepe Ruano Spanish    Stratesys Partner Thursday (no); Friday (yes)  
Martina Gállego Spanish    CONASA Customer no opinion   
CescGrimalt Spanish   Generali Customer no opinion    
Sachin Ingalagi mIndian Tata Consultancy Services PartnerThursday (no); Friday (yes)  
Antonio de Ancos Cid Spanish   nn Freelancer    Thursday (yes); Friday (no)    
Roberto Pajares Spanish    everis Spain, S.L. Partner Thursday (no); Friday (no)    
Paolo Mioli Spanish   Ayesa Partner Thursday (no); Friday (no) 
David Almagro Spanish    SVH Customer Thursday (yes); Friday (Yes) 
Cristhian Terán Spanish   nn Customer Thursday (yes); Friday (Yes)  
Esther Garcia  fSpanish    DXC Student Thursday (yes); Friday (Yes)   
Angel Marcos Alvarez Spanish    nn Customer Thursday (no); Friday (yes)  
Miguel Rojo Spanish    Amazon Web Services Partner Thursday (no); Friday (no) 
Alessandro Linari Italian Enel ICT Customer Thursday (no); Friday (no) 
JavierMartinez Solera Spanish     nn Partner no opinion   
Gerard Lagalina Pacheco Spanish  nn  Partner  no opinion    
PAVEL LUKSIC Peruvian nn Student no opinion  
Laura Laplana Spanish Enel ICT Customer Thursday (no); Friday (no)    
Bruno Juan Fuster Spanish  Enel ICT  Customer  no opinion 
Melba Yaneth Giraldo Gomez Venezolana nn Student no opinion  
Manuel Vicente Andrade Barrios Venezolana  nn Freelancer Thursday (yes); Friday (no)   
Irene Cappiello Italian ENEL ICTCustomer Thursday (yes); Friday (no)   
 FélixVargas Colombiano nn Freelancer  Thursday (yes); Friday (Yes) 
Andrea Gritti Italian nn Freelancer   Thursday (yes); Friday (Yes) 
Elisabet Esporrín Spanish  nnStudent  Thursday (yes); Friday (no)  
FABRICIO COSTA SILVA  BrazilianNatural Gas Company of BahiaStudent   Thursday (yes); Friday (Yes)  
Víctor   ManuelGarcíaSpanish  Consultia   ITPartnerno opinion 
IagoPérez   GómezSpanish  Consultia   IT Partner no opinion  
Víctor Fernández Romero Spanish   Consultia IT Partner  no opinion   
Oscar Gallardo Spanish    Consultia IT  Partner  Thursday (yes); Friday (Yes)   
Alexandre Fernández Gasques Spanish     Consultia IT   Partner   Thursday (no); Friday (yes) 
AntonioCanovasmSpanishENEL ICTCustomerno opinion
JulioMicomSpanishENEL ICTCustomerno opinion
LuisSalvadormSpanishSeidorPartnerno opinion
PhilReisepassmGermanFreelanceFreelanceno opinion
HelmutPersomGermanFreelanceFreelanceno opinion
JesusVallejomSpanishENEL ICTCustomerno opinion
SalvatoreFalsinomItalianENEL ICTCustomerno opinion
LuigiPostglionemItalianENEL ICTCustomerno opinion
JoanGasparmSpanisheveris SpainPartnerno opinion
MiguelMuñozmSpanisheveris SpainPartnerno opinion
DavidMolineramSpanishSAPSAPno opinion
MªAngelesIzquierdofSpanishLinke ITPartnerno opinion
FabioCerionimItalianTechedge GroupPartnerno opinion
Jose AntonioTorremSpanishEnzymePartnerno opinion
Olé-AndreHaugenmNorwayNeptune SoftwarePartnerno opinion
 Iñaki GuineaBeristain  mSpanish Linke IT Partner no opinion 
Guillermo Torres Giménez         mSpanish Linke IT Partner no opinion 


**+ If you are too late for registration/participation, please have a look at the SAP Community for upcoming SAPInsideTracks.  ***  


Next business hotels near by the office are:

  • Ilunion Auditori” C/ Sicília, 166, 08013 Barcelona
  • Ayre Hotel Caspe” C/ Caspe 103, 08013 Barcelona
  • Ibis Styles Barcelona City Bogatell” C/ Llull 71, 08005 Barcelona
  • Yeah Barcelona Hostel – Barcelona, C/. Girona, 176, 08037 Barcelona

 David recommends to have also a a look at TripAdvisor.






 Meeting room provided by




CDS/Smart Template/BOPF a new way to build UIs
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  1. Hi folks

    great to have a SAP Inside Track in Barcelona.

    Will be there also a SAP CODE JAM or similiar as pre or post event?  Makes the trip more valueble (smile)

    best regards


  2. Hi Jakob

    Thanks for your support to our first SIT in Barcelona! 

    About your question, for this our first experience with SIT,  unfortunately we will not have Code Jam or similar,

    but an interesting agenda that we hope will interest you.

    Best regards,