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This page can be used to document utilities, programs and tools which are of assistance when carrying out technical analysis of issues occurring in Project Management.



This program displays all table entries in PPM-PRO area with a single input field.  You can input one of the following search criteria in the search field

  1. Space (nothing): the last used (or curently opened) project is then used.  
  2. External ID  (e.g. tasks, project, role... ID). 
  3. GUID  (e.g. tasks, project, role... GUID).  

 Output is the structure of the entry element, and it's path to the root. It means if you input a Phase ID, then all the sub-elements under phase are in the result list plus it's path to the project header.  

The program supports

  1. Multiple hits, e.g. project versions with the same project ID.
  2. Data conversion: e.g. beside the BP (business parnter) guid also the name of BP
  3. Refresh without restart the report
  4.  Forward navigation to customizing e.g. using. double click of the project type of dpr_project to navigate to project type customizing directly.


Program DPR_GUID_ANALYZE (transaction PPM_GUID):

This program displays all table entries in PPM area which relate to a given object GUID (e.g. tasks, project, role... GUID). The program supports forward navigation (e.g. in table CGPL_HIERARCHY you can navigate to the table entries for the superior object by clicking on its GUID). This program is extremely useful when e.g. analysing data inconsistencies.


Project Management BAPIs:

The Project Management BAPIs can be used for quick access to data concerning projects or individual objects, with the object GUID as input. E.g.:

  • to get a list of all object GUIDs in a project or under a phase you can use BAPIs BAPI_BUS2172_GET_TREE and BAPI_BUS2173_GET_TREE respectively.
  • to get the detail data for objects you can use the BAPIs BAPI_BUS21**_GET_DETAIL (e.g. BAPI_BUS2172_GET_DETAIL for project header, BAPI_BUS2175_GET_DETAIL for task). 



This program can be used to get a list of all concrete role and abstract roles (resources) in a project, project template or project version.



This package contains several other such utility programs. To access these programs: transaction SE80 > Repository Browser > Package, select the package DEVELOPMENT_PROJECTS_UTILITIES and expand node Programs.



You can use this report to change the Project-Management-specific changes for one user or for all users


Transfer of CATS Itemizations to Project Management Application.



This report can be used to start the Evaluation of a project in background.



Analysis report for cProjects database tables. See SAP Note 1481196 .



You can use this report to find the message class/message ID by message text (language-dependent) or can list all messages of a message class (language-dependent).



This report can be used to create a snapshot in background for a project.



Checks the consistency of the document structure. See SAP Note 1449699.



Checks the consistency of the database table CGPL_HIERARCHY. See SAP Note 1449699.



You can use this report to search for GUIDs in tables. See SAP Note 1449699.



The report deletes the personalization entries that were created in the cProjects Web interface from the database tables. See SAP Note 1538629.





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