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Report DPR_CHECK_CONSISTENCY has been created to incorporate the logic from various other correction reports in one single standard report. New check and repair methods which are developed for other reports (e.g. Z_REPAIR_HIERARCHY) to deal with new kinks of inconsistencies are also incorporated via SAP note into this report. When dealing with an inconsistency in a project, you should therefore ensure that all the latest notes concerning DPR_CHECK_CONSISTENCY are implemented on your system, before running this report with its various check methods.

The following are other Correction Reports which can be useful in Project Management area. 

Z_STATUS_CHECKObject Status check: Analyse Report982078
Z_REPAIR_HIERARCHYData is inconsistent in CGPL_HIERARCHY1426241
ZPROJECT_ROLES Analysis reports in the resources area 1090991
ZRESINFOThis report displays the business partner number and the GUID of the user1090991
 ZZ_RE_STATUS_OBJECT_CHECK_OO Search for objects without active status 1366089




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