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In RFx Outside Firewall scenario, RFx documents created by purchaser in SRM client will be transferred to the Supplier System using ESOA technology, using xml documents.

This document is to help debug the xml mapping and creation process.


Xml is generated

  • after the Workflow process finished
  • during RFx document is saved at BBP_PROCDOC_SAVE
  • in update task, function module /SAPSRM/TRIGGER_REPLI_RFX

Create RFx document in RFx Outside Firewall scenario 

If purchaser creates RFx document, it will be transferred to the Supplier System. You can find more information about this scenario on Processing Bids and RFx Responses in the Supplier System SAP Help page.

You can enable this scenario by activating customizing switch SRM_701_SUCO_BIDDER_DECOUP.

The transfer is carried out using ESOA technology, with xml communication.

Start after Workflow is finished

Before RFx gets published, the Workflow process should be finished, RFx must be approved. For this reason, the xml is generated only after the Workflow process finished, in the background, started by the Workflow service user. If you want to debug xml generation, you need to jump over the Workflow process and start the SETRELEASED method of the business object from SWO1 transaction, like described on How to debug trigger creation wiki page.

Xml sending started during saving the document

If you start method SETRELEASED, you will see, that BBP_PROCDOC_TRANSFER is started from BBP_PROCDOC_SAVE. The transfer function module is started in update task from form TRANSFER_RFX, with 3 parameters:

      iv_object_id   = p_l_object_id
      iv_object_type = p_l_object_type
      iv_action      = p_l_action.


P_L_OBJECT_ID                0001342667
P_L_OBJECT_TYPE          BUS2200
P_L_ACTION                      1

Test possibility: start Function Module /SAPSRM/TRIGGER_REPLI_RFX from SE37

You can start and test this function module from SE37 with these 3 parameters: doc ID, doc BUS type and action parameter 1.

This function module will not check the RFx status, it will start transfer anyhow. However, no commit will be made, so the XML message status will be ’Message recorded’ in SXMB_MONI transaction:


Function module /SAPSRM/TRIGGER_REPLI_RFX reads RFx document data, some customizing tables, gets the function module responsible for the transfer from table bbp_function_map and starts it.



Data mapping and calling SOA proxy at /SAPSRM/REPLICATE_RFX_OUT

Data mapping is done in method / class





Customer BADI is called for the mapping:




At the end, the SOA proxy is started to send xml (/SAPSRM/CO_SRM_RFQREQUEST_SRMR).

The xml interface used in this scenario:


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