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 <number_of> pending I/O requests on volume <volume_name>


Informs about I/O requests that could not be fulfilled immediately. A high number indicates that the I/O workload is high and the I/O requests cannot be processed in the optimal way.

User Response

Check your disk architecture.

Check if there is an unnecessary high level of I/O requests because of inadequate access strategies.

More Information

Relevant  DB-Analyzer FilesHelpful with ...
DBAN_IOTHREADS.csv  Find statistics about pending I/O requests.
DBAN_IO.csv  Read and write operations to cache pages and data pages
SAP Notes 
Expert SessionsContent / Helpful with ...
Session 26: SAP MaxDB I/O ConceptGeneral information about I/O concept. 
Session 29: SAP MaxDB: Improvements in I/O Handling 7.9 and Prefetch Mechanism General information about I/O concept. 
Documentation (links) 
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