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The Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure (MAI) has become the new standard for system monitoring within SAP Solution Manager. The old CCMS-based work center is still available, the monitoring functions within CCMS (transaction RZ20 etc.)

The    central    system    monitoring    in    SAP Solution  Manager  7.2  builds  the  foundation for a reliable and stable operation of complex heterogeneous  system  landscapes,  as  well
as   their   instances,   databases  and   hosts. Central configuration capabilities in conjunction   with   system   landscape   aware predefined  monitoring  templates  significantly reduce  the  TCO  for  the configuration  and operation of the infrastructure. These monitoring interfaces offer easy to consume access to much information. Graphically, dynamic and detailed data can be displayed.

The general offerings are:

1- Provides status overview regarding technical systems including databases and hosts.

2- Allows to access landscape information and problem context for technical system.

3- Allows drill down from status information to single metrics and events provided by End-to-End Monitoring and Alerting.

4- Visualizes metrics and events including thresholds and current rating / value.

5- Offers Jump-in capability in metric viewers.

Several guides about HOW TO DO, in MAI, can be found here: Technical Monitoring How to guides.

Compilation of Troubleshooting Tools.

This KBA will help you to know where you can find user assistance for System and Application Monitoring (Technical Monitoring 7.1)  which helps you to install and update, configure and operate your installation successfully: 2479929 - How to find your User Assistance for System Monitoring in Solution Manager (SOLMAN)

The SAP Enterprise Support Academy program. We have joined forces with SAP Learning Hub to provide a complete and consistent cloud-based enablement experience. The result is a new edition of SAP Learning Hub, dedicated to support-related topics. Please Pay special attention to SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps, you get a navigation system that will guide you to the right SAP support services, tools, and offerings. Optimize operations, bring innovation to your company faster, and know that support is available around the clock.

SAP Help Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure.

   Hot fixes and most mentioned Notes and KBA


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