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The Alert Inbox provides a central view on all alerts which have been generated by the different Technical Monitoring scenarios on SAP Solution Manager 7.1. The generated alerts can directly be handled in the Alert Inbox or forwarded to other channels like incidents, email, SMS or even 3rd party applications. The Alert Inbox also offers a deep integration into the various administration, monitoring and reporting capabilities of SAP Solution Manager.


As can be seen on the image on the left. This is the architecture in Solution Manager and the different consumers of the generated alerts.

The Alert Consumer collector distributes to the relevant consumers those alerts. Also this alerts can be consumed outside Solution Manager by 3rd party Alert consumers.

The Alert Consumer receives new events from Event Calculation Engine. It will calculate if a new alert should be generated or if an already existing alert has to be updated in the Alert Group. The alert information is persisted in the Alert Store.

All Alerts are forwarded to the Alert Inbox and System Monitoring.

Based on the configuration persisted in the MEA Directory it forwards alerts to any other additional alert consumers:

• Create an automatic notification such E-mail or SMS

• Create automatic incidents via the Service Desk Integration

• Forward to 3rd Party Alert Consumers



Alert inbox:

Here is explained in detail and shown most common issues.

Alert processing:

What can be done with alerts? Which are the consumers?

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