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This content refers to all the templates that can be applied to the monitored managed objects.

To have all the content available to monitor the several systems you may have, it is needed to have the latest "Content  Monitoring" downloaded.

This can be checked on Work center SAP Solution Manager Configuration → Application Operations → System Monitoring → Step 2.7 Update Content.

This step should be updated. Improvements of content for your current support pack may become available over time, so always use the latest available content by updating your content whenever newer content is available.

If you have already downloaded the content from SAP Service Marketplace, you can analyze the impact of the new content before applying it. The analysis indicates if any SAP content has been deprecated, and what you must do to remove references from it and use the new content instead. This analysis takes several minutes and currently covers only System Monitoring content.

Every time the content monitoring is updated, all the templates affected by the changes, will need to be reapplied to the corresponding managed objects, so the changes are reflected also in the monitored objects. For example, new metrics from the new content monitoring file, appear on the System monitoring, and can be collected and seen.


In case you would like to Manually update the Technical Monitoring Content, please follow this blog: Manual Update of the content monitoring.

To check which of the templates are supported, and for which managed objects please check this note: 2437585 - Supported Products for System Monitoring of SAP Solution Manager.

Another common issue is OSS connections issue. This error will not allow us to update the content. Please follow this KBA for resolution: 2213849 - OSS Connection Issue when Updating Solution Manager Technical Monitoring Content.


To check if the content monitoring applied corresponds to the one in step 2.7 Update content, and there is no error on the display, you can check via R3 on Solution Manager 7.1 only.

Navigate to transaction se16 → Display table ACDELIVERY. Here you will be able to see all the previous content updates applied previously.


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