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The Alerting Directory contains MEAs (Metrics, Events and Alerts which its Key Characteristics: MEA Type Identifier, Variant, Association to Managed Object) which are used for one or more concrete Managed Objects at customer site including the corresponding information of the considered managed objects that take part in E2E MAI.

Alerting Directory content can be adjusted according to customer needs with respect to their original Alerting Repository entry, which is the storage place and delivery infrastructure based on templates, is the pool of all metrics, events, and alerts that can principally be used by the customer.

According to the general understanding the directory is the run time of the MEAs of a Managed object. This can be seen on the Alerting directory browser, which will show up the result of this run time. This is accessible through: SAP Solution Manager Configuration → Application Operations → Step 5 Define Scope → Setup monitoring → Alerting Directory Browser.

Also it is accessible in mai_tools transaction, in Analysis tab, Alerting Directory Browser button.

Main issues on Alerting Directory:

1- Category event is missing in the monitoring UI.

2- False Alerts in HANA systems, database unavailable.

3- Introscope metrics are grey.

4- Parameters $PORT$ and $PROTOCOL$ are missing.


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