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Download Service Request (Ticket) form template from Administrator->Form Template Maintenance  - screenshot below

 The template is dowloaded as zip file. Extract the zip file. The below files are of interest - shown below a) .xdp - this file is the template UI model  b)Mainshema.xsd - this contains the form data (form message type)

Now open your Adobe Livecycle designer and open the xdp file. From File ->Open or as shown below

Next is to direct your local version of the template to the right form data provider. To do this goto Data View tab(highlighted below) and right click on connection properties (highlighted below )

You would get a pop-up. Here you can just click on Next and go the next step; In the next step browse and POINT THE LOCATION OF THE XML SCHEMA FILE TO THE MAINSHEMA.XSD described in point 2 above. And click in Finish.


Now you are ready to design /add /customize your template by binding the newly available formatted text field to the form template.

Once the binding is complete, please make sure to change the text type from plain text content to rich text content for the binded data field as shown in the below screenshot. When to do this: some field like Work Description text in UI is enabled for rich text content in the UI. To support this in forms this customization needs to be done on the forms side.









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