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The purpose of this document is to provide information on how to create an implementation for the BAdI /SAPSRM/BD_WF_PROCESS_RESTART on SRM 7 and above.


The document will describe, which methods and parameters are available in the BAdI /SAPSRM/BD_WF_PROCESS_RESTART to override the standard system behavior for workflow restarts.

Standard settings

In the standard system, there is no activated BAdI implementation. The BAdI is filter-dependent. The filter is a value pair consisting of the Document Type and the Schema Name, which you have specified in Customizing for process level configuration.


VALIDATE_RESTART - Overrules Standard Process Restart

This method overrides the restart behavior of the workflow.

IS_DOCUMENTImportingPurchasing Document (BAdI Interface Parameter)
IV_CURRENT_PROCESS_SCHEMEImportingProcess Level Scheme
IV_NEXT_PROCESS_SCHEMEImportingProcess Level Scheme
IV_DEFAULT_RESTARTImportingDefault system restart indicator
EV_RESTARTExportingCustom restart indicator


SUPPRESS_PROCESS_RESTART -  Deprecated method, not used

Example implementation

Implement the VALIDATE_RESTART method. The following value of the variable EV_RESTART will indicate the restart behavior:

 EV_RESTART = abap_true.

The coding can contain complex evaluations, which will determine in which case the workflow should be restarted.

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