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For a faster analysis you should always create test data in SE37 if an ECTR Function Module (FM) returns an error and you want somebody to analyze this.


You like to report an issue regarding an ECTR function with faulty behavior.


  1. Find out which Function Module (FM) returns the error: Open the ECTR Debug - log file. 

    Take a look in the apilog with number #19 (in this example) in your log file directory. 

     ==> In this example the FM /DSCSAG/DOC_CREATE2 returns the error!
  2. Open a new SAP GUI on the same system and client with SAP logon pad (don't open a SAP GUI from ECTR!)
  3. Use SE37 to open the Function Module. In our example, open FM /DSCSAG/DOC_CREATE2 in display mode.
  4. Set an external break point in the Function Module.
  5. Reproduce the issue in the Frontend UI
  6. Once the break point has been hit. Select the "service tool" icon:
  7. Click on “Save Parameters as Test Data (SE37)”:
  8. Enter a name e.g. "SAP Support message XXXXXXX":
  9. Call the Function Module via SE37 and click on “test data directory” so that your new test data gets displayed and can be used.
    1. You can test the function now without the Frontend just with SE37 and debug the FM yourself easy.
  10. Add the information about this test data (FM e.g. "/DSCSAG/DOC_CREATE2" and Title e.g. "SAP Support message XXXXXXX") to your incident or ticket.




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